Content Finder Disappears [Classic]

Published March 21, 2012

This information refers to the Classic version of the UBCMS. Classic will be retired in May, 2022.

The Issue

The Content Finder can be collapsed against the left edge of your browser. This can increase the visible area of your browser window when you are working within components of the UBCMS. However, it is also possible to accidentally hide it, and the Content Finder seems to be removed.


To restore it, click the tiny blue triangle midway up along your browser window's left side. The Content Finder will expand.

And if that trick does not work, check to see if the URL in the browser location bar includes "cf#/".

For example, this page is

but if it is just showing as

the Content Finder will not be accessible. In that case, add "cf#/" back into the URL right after

The Content Finder.

The Content Finder tiny blue triangle in its expanded state.