Dragging a Photo by the Image Fails [Classic]

Repositioning a Photo by dragging on the image fails completely, or creates a duplicate component depending on the browser.

Published October 21, 2016

The Issue

Normally authors can drag a Photo component to a new position on a page by dragging any part of the component or image.

We have now observed dragging the Photo by the image and not the border will often fail, or in some browsers will actually produce a duplicate instance of the component.

Observed Behavior:  

  • Dragging by the image fails in Chrome 53/54 and FireFox 46.0.1 and newer browsers. 
  • Dragging by the image works in IE 11; however, the Photo component is duplicated, with the original staying where it was and a new copy appearing in the desired position.  


We have forwarded this to Adobe.

As a workaround, and general best practice, when dragging to rearrange a Photo component on the page, first click the component and then drag from the border (or right click to use copy or cut and paste to avoid dragging altogether).

Dragging the actual photo in IE will add a second copy of the component to the page. Dragging the photo in other browsers will give feedback that implies it is working but not actually reposition the component.

NB. best practice is to ALWAYS drag a component by its border.

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