Pages in Author Sometimes Load Blank [Classic]

Posted February 5, 2019

The Issue

Sometimes your page(s) load blank in Author. The Sidekick loads (with components and tools) but the actual Web page content and the Content Finder are not visible.

This has been seen in Chrome.

blank page.

Blank page. Note the Sidekick is fully loaded


We are working on this issue, but having trouble determining the cause. If you encounter it, please let us know.

Possible workarounds:

  • Try removing the "cf#/" from the page URL in your browser's location bar, then reload the page using the browser button or Control-R.  This will also make the Content Finder disappear but sometimes will make the page display normally.
  • Try resizing the browser window. If you are maximized, then click the middle button to 'Restore Down' the size. This may result in your page suddenly being displayed normally. You may then be able to re-maximize the browser, otherwise try working with it not fully maximized.

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