An Item in My RSS Feed is Wrong [Classic/Flex UI]

Reviewed November 11, 2020

The Issue

On comparison, an RSS feed displayed on a UBCMS page does not match the master feed. One (or more) items are not the same, perhaps the headline or a link is different. After the synch interval set in the UBCMS has passed, this difference persists.


The UBCMS imports your master RSS feed, saves a copy and builds out a local version. After each synch interval, the UBCMS compares this local copy with the master feed, but it may miss some differences between the two. Thus your master feed may be updated without corresponding changes in the UBCMS version.

Please try this solution first.

First, be sure the Removal Strategy setting is set to 'remove items not present in feed' (default) not 'keep all items'. If it was the latter, we suggest changing it to 'remove...' and wait for the UBCMS synch interval to pass. You may wish to set your UBCMS feed to the minimum interval, 300 seconds, or five minutes.

If that does not fix the problem, remove the item(s) from the master feed (NOT in the UBCMS) and wait until the UBCMS synch interval has passed. This should ensure the item(s) get removed from the UBCMS copy as well.

If this has removed the item from the UBCMS version, proceed to the next step.

Second, add the item back into the master feed. After another UBCMS synch interval has passed it should be reimported correctly. Confirm the feeds now match.

If this solution fails, please contact the DCT Help Team.

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