Secure Pages Sometimes Load Very Slowly [Classic/Flex UI]

Reviewed February 26, 2021

The Issue

We have had some reports of secure pages (-pw) loading very slowly relative to the rest of a site. For example, the first secure page may take 20-30 seconds to display while adjacent non-secure pages load instantaneously.

Our triage shows:

  • This is a server issue unrelated to the browser, device or connection.
  • It only affects the first page loaded or first few pages loaded for each user, every day they visit a secure area on the UBCMS.
  • It is only slow even that first time if the servers have been running for some time -- the delay builds up over days to weeks -- and we do restart the servers quite regularly.
  • Because of these parameters, the behavior may appear inconsistent between visits or users, but the pattern is quite predictable once it is known.


We have been observing this behavior but have not been able to adequately pin it down to make accommodations.  

  • Each time a user accesses a -pw UBCMS page within a 24 hour period, their account needs to sync.
  • This process is normally instantaneous. But we have found when the UBCMS servers have not been restarted within the past week or two, this process delays the page load by 15-30 seconds.
  • Once the sync has finished, refreshing the page or clicking into other pages within that site or other UBCMS sites should load at normal speeds.
  • We have found that restarting the servers has removed this delay in the past but this is only a temporary fix.

We will continue to observe this behavior, but there is no real workaround. Site owners can warn their users what to expect, to reduce frustration, and might consider only using secure pages where they are really needed.

Let us know if this happens to you.

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