Dashboards and Reports

In Google Analytics, Dashboards and Custom Reports* are the tools you use to visualize your data. Default dashboards are available in every view, and they are very useful, but unless you filter them, they will display data from ALL UB web pages and are not very flexible.

A far easier and longer lasting way to see the precise data you want, from your web pages only, is to create a custom dashboard or report. A simple monthly Custom Report template is available in every View in our Analytics Master Property. You can copy it and configure it to show the data you want. Other templates are available in the Training section. 

Google Analytics Dashboards & Reports

(To see just your pages' data in a default dashboard, you can apply an Advanced Search filter.)

Below is information on dashboards and reports, how to find them, and how to use them in Google Analytics.

* All custom configured Reports and Dashboards (e.g. Templates) are located in the Customization section, in the left sidebar.