Photo Samples

Examples for zoom and float are on separate pages.  See navigation on the left.

Photo - Default image - no options chosen - alt text required

Hayes Hall.

Caption no rte

Photo - Caption handling

The following image demonstrates what happens when html markup is used in the image caption (ie. it is displayed "as is").  It also shows that line breaks are preserved in the caption. 

I have a paragraph element <p> in my caption. I also have two line breaks:

this is after the two line breaks.

Photo - Border turned on

The following image demonstrates the use of a border.  (Border is off by default).)


Photo - Image utilizing "no alt text required" option

The next image has specified that the alt text should not be required.

Photo - Links to another page

The following photo links to the demo site home page and opens it in a new window.

Photo - Cropping and Flexible Height

This photo uses cropping and flexible height to preserve the proportions of the crop rectangle.

glass building.

Photo - Size options

Small landscape (140 x 88)

Medium landscape (219 x 128)

Large landscape (300 x 175)

Full size (column width)

Icon (16 x 16)

Thumbnail (32x32)

Small square (60 x 60)

Medium square (140 x 140)

Large square (219 x 219)

Small portrait (60 x 88)

Medium portrait (140 x 180)

Large portrait (220 x 283)