Related Links

Embed often-used links on the pages of your site.

Specialists only.

Only those with a Specialist role in the UBCMS can edit these files.

Site-Wide Configuration directory.

The Site-Wide Configuration folder in the admin console.

  1. In the Websites console, navigate to the Site-Wide Configuration directory (see diagram below).
  2. In the Tree List, click the page named Related Links Menus.
  3. In the Page List, click the New... button and choose Related Links Menu.
  4. Name your new links menu something descriptive, simple and memorable.
  5. Double-click the new file name in the Page List.
  6. Edit the new file by dragging components from the Sidekick.
  7. Navigate to the page on which you wish to include these links. If you want the links on every page of your site, this would be your home page. If you want the links on a certain section of your site, this would be the parent page of that section. Related links are automatically inherited by child pages.
  8. In the Sidekick, select the Page tab.
  9. Double-click Page Properties....
  10. Click the Advanced tab.
  11. On the Related Links Reference box, click the magnifying glass.
  12. In the Select Path pop-up window, browse to and select the desired Related Links menu (remember, this will be inside your site's Site-Wide Configuration directory).
  13. Click OK to set the new Related Links Reference, or Cancel to exit without making any changes.
Responsive Web Design (RWD)

On small-screen devices, Related Links are displayed in the 'burger' dropdown navigation, but are hidden below the second level of navigation.


An example of a Related Links list appears on this webpage, in the bottom of the left sidebar. Often they are entitled "Related Links" but that phrasing can be changed.

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