Compare Pages (DIFF)

Compare two versions of a page, usually the current with the last published version.

Classic Flex UI

This information refers to the Classic version of the UBCMS.

Page Properties settings showing the versioning information.

The active Versioning tab with the Restore Version section active and the "Dif" button highlighted.

  1. Open the page that you want to compare to a previous version.
  2. Select the Versioning tab in the Sidekick.
  3. Select the version to which you want to compare the current version and click the Diff button. (Dates are displayed as DD-MM-YYYY.)
  4. The differences between the two versions will be displayed.
    • Text components (Title, Caption, Body, Intro) show red/green highlights to mark differences:
      • A component that has been deleted is highlighted in red and struck out.
      • A component that has been added is highlighted in green and underlined.
    • Non text components will just show the current version of the content although a Photo that has been added or deleted will be framed.
    • Highlights only apply to content that is actually part of page. External references to Shared Content pages in lists or embeds, DAM assets, or third party sites will show whatever is current in those locations. Site Navigation (to other pages) will also show current content.
  5. Select the Restore Version sub-tab and click the <<Back button to return to the current version.
screenshot of the DIFF tool comparing two versions of a page.

DIFF tool comparing two versions of a page.

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