Embed a UB Box Folder

A Box.com folder can be interactively embedded in your Web page.

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Last Reviewed: November 5, 2020


UB Box provides free access to Box.com for all staff, faculty and students. A UB Box folder can be easily embedded into your Web page, maintaining its functionality.

This process uses the HTML Snippet component, which requires specialist permissions.
> read more about UBCMS permissions

Embed the Folder

There are two steps: add an HTML Snippet to your page, and get the embed share code from the UB Box folder.

  1. Add an HTML Snippet to your UBCMS page.
  2. Log into UB Box and navigate to where you can see the desired folder listed.
  3. Move your cursor to the far right of the folder details (Name > Updated > Size >). As you hover, click on the three horizontal dots ('More Options') that appear.
  4. From the choices, click 'More Actions' and then 'Embed Widget.'
  5. A dialog box will pop up.
    • For Size, choose Custom.
    • Adjust the width to fit your UBCMS page layout, as follows:
      • For a middle column on a Three-Column page (or 6-column size), width=449
      • For a Two Column 'wide on right' page (or 9-column size): width=682
      • For a One Column Page (or 12-column size): width=960  
    • Use the Preview tool to tweak the height to fit the functional size of the UB Box folder.
    • When ready, copy the provided embed code.
  6. Open the HTML Snippet and paste in the embed code from UB Box. Make sure the HTML Filter setting is set to 'Off'.
The location of the Embed Widget tool.

The location of the Embed Widget tool.

The Embed Widget tool.

The Embed Widget tool.

Additional Considerations

In the UBCMS, UB Box may ask you or your visitors to log into Box, or to complete a security challenge (e.g. drag a white cloud onto another cloud, as in the screenshot below.

UB Box security feature.

UB Box security feature.

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