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The UBCMS supports a variety of ways to provide wayfinding tools on your site.

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Last Reviewed: November 4, 2020

University-Wide Shared Content

Embeddable Maps

Interactive Campus Map

Interactive map example.

Interactive map example (not interactive).

We have developed an interactive map that includes layers of detailed information about each campus' academic and administrative buildings and services, such as dining areas, residences, and transportation.

Linking Directly to the Interactive Map

It is not difficult to build a link directly into the interactive campus map so that a specific campus, layer, or building is featured.

The pattern for the URL should be the complete URL, then a hash (#), then the campus, and then optionally a layer. (The campus is required for a layer to show.)  The campus and layer designations are case sensitive.

For example (North Campus and the dining layer): 

Below are all the campus and layer designations:

Campus - URL parameter

  • North Campus – north
  • South Campus – south
  • Downtown – dt

Layer – URL parameter

  • Academic Buildings - Academic
  • Admin Services - service
  • Arts and Athletics - Athletic
  • Dining Locations - dining
  • Health - Health
  • Student Housing – Residence
  • Bus and Shuttle details (all routes) - bus
Example of a building in the interactive campus map.

Example of a building in the interactive campus map.


The best way to link directly to a building is to open the information window for the building and copy the Share Link.

For example (Crofts Hall):  

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