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The UBCMS has no native player, so we encourage you to publish your videos on this free, user-friendly platform.

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Last Reviewed: November 9, 2020


Accessibility Concerns

State and federal rules require all videos to be ADA compliant, with meaningful captions. 
> read more on accessible videos

Copyright Concerns

YouTube aggressively removes videos that do not clearly meet copyright restrictions. Suspect videos may vanish without warning. If you produce YouTube videos, be sure to follow their copyright guidelines. > read more about YouTube copyright

We recommend YouTube as a video hosting platform. YouTube is used widely around the world -- the second most searched site after -- and is reasonably easy to use. In additionn to being free, it provides a good closed captioning service to help satisfy ADA accessibility requirements. The UBCMS Video and Video Galley components allow YouTube videos to be quickly loaded on your pages where they can be played in place by your site visitors.

Skillful use of visual elements such as photography and video will lift your content to an entirely new and engaging level, one that words can’t achieve alone.

UB Channels

> Consider pulling content from these  major university channels

As an alternative to YouTube, consider UB's Panopto video recording software. > embedding Panopto

Embedding Video in the UBCMS

These components all support YouTube videos.

  • 1/26/21
    Display a linked headline, image or video, descriptive text and a list of related links all in one sidebar module.
  • 8/29/18
    Corral webpages and present them to visitors as slides that are showcased one at a time, on rotation.
  • 3/26/19
    Display a YouTube video on your page in a custom player.
  • 9/11/19
    Display a YouTube playlist as a grid of playable videos.

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