Archive of Resolved Issues

When building a site search, a search results page is normally created, which includes a Search component. The Search component has a setting for the Results Page.  Normally the results page is the current page, in which case authors should leave the field blank.
The UBCMS form allows authors to store submissions locally, and then view the data later using an editor link in the Form Container ('View Data'). When clicked, this currently states there is no data even when data is being stored and previously data was accessible.
Secure pages do not always allow entry to people with matching permissions.
In the author environment, authors can normally choose how many columns to apply to their content. In some browsers, no options are provided in the component's dialog box.
In the author environment, authors can no longer use keyboard shortcuts to copy and then paste text into text components.  
An Event List has future events when all are displayed, but apparently none when the Future number is set.
My published page's Event List does not display the event feed, and instead displays a perpetual 'loading events' message.
When a Video (YouTube) component is embedded on a page and the user clicks the full screen button, the video does not switch to full-screen mode and an error message is displayed: "Fullscreen is unavailable Learn more." (The link takes you to a YouTube FAQ that suggest the problem is your browser settings.)
In new brand sites, when a Column Control Container has an empty column, the content to the right will slide left to fill the empty space.
When the Sidekick is moved above the top of the browser window, and the Content Finder is in use, the Sidekick becomes 'stuck' in place and cannot be moved.
When a page is moved or renamed using the Move tool, it requires a page name.  Due to system limitations, correct page names can only be alphanumeric characters, dashes, or in rare cases, underscores.  But the tool allows an author to enter blanks or non-alphanumerics (e.g. !@#$%). Then when the author clicks OK, a generic error message appears:  "An error occurred while moving page."
Copying a page using the Sidekick fails, generating a 'Could not copy page' error message.
This feature of the Site Admin console has limits in what it can see, and thus replace.
Your overhauled page in Launches is ready to push back into your main site, but the 'Promote Page' tool does not work.
Files can be 'dragged and dropped' directly into Digital Asset Manager (DAM) folders. Doing so circumvents the normal override protection warning.
The search results page is empty and an error message states "There was an unexpected error contacting the server at"
When a new reCAPTCHA component is added to a form container, the picture puzzle does not display. Existing reCAPTCHAs work fine.
When an author who is not a publisher deletes or moves a page, it is no longer visible in the author environment, but it is still present and can interfere with future page creation.
Version 11 of Internet Explorer is causing a problem with some of our UBCMS components. For example, if you have a Body Text component on the page and attempt to embed a hyperlink (to a UBCMS page, or an external website), once you click the final 'ok', the link never appears on the page.
Adjusting a page Title in the Websites List View can corrupt the page in the UBCMS, making it "unstructured" content. This is transparent to authors until it interferes with normal UBCMS functionality. While it is technically 'normal' UBCMS functionality, it should be avoided until further notice.
CQ 5.5 has a bug that occurs only in Firefox on a Mac.
In some versions of Firefox, the 'click to upload' button in Page Properties' Image Background does not function.
Relative links will fail when they point from your site (on one virtual host) to a different site (on another virtual host), for certain virtual hosts. For example; links to sites written as /content/www/... will not work correctly on the SPHHP site.
Page modifications are not always reflected in the status details on the website admin console.
When a new user is given access to an authenticated page, with access secured through standard UBCMS LDAP controls, the user cannot access the page despite being able to access other UB systems.
UBCMS components including search returns display content that is labeled as 'not trusted.' 
Secure pages in the UBCMS can become unsecure after they are moved/renamed, deactivated and reactivated, or, for pages created after Oct. 7, 2015, initially activated. Access will still be limited to UB constituents.
A YouTube video does not display properly when loaded normally into the Video (YouTube) component. The user may see a gray box and a prompt to install or upgrade Adobe Flash, even though the user may already have the newest version of Flash.
When a URL is displayed as text on a page, the long stream of characters is not wrapped, and may display over top of adjacent content.
When logging into the Training Server, a certificate error pops up as a security warning.
When these containers are nested on a page, and other changes are made, the matching pairs can get separated or renamed.
In Internet Explorer, the new component cannot be switched from Grid to Slideshow modes, and when the Slideshow button is clicked, the tiles display badly.
When a Photo component has an existing caption, the caption cannot be deleted.
When using Chrome, the submission process often never completes.
Word documents with embedded links to UBCMS sites can break after requesting login credentials.
When a page is moved or renamed, links that are buried in a fixed list will not be updated automatically by the UBCMS.
This built-in feature of the Rich Text Editor is currently not working. Authors will experience an error dialog box ("Spell Checking Failed").
For Firefox, the upload from Desktop functionality of the Photo Component is not working correctly. The upload will fail and authors will encounter a dialog box that warns: "Failed to upload 'filename': 403".  
When a user fills out a form, the “thank you” message doesn’t display, and the form submission fails without showing an explicit error message to the user. The issue affects forms that have checkbox elements and forms that have “client validation” turned on.
The published date is based on the date of activation. As a result, future activation or editing to that page causes the published date to change to the date of the most recent alteration.
When attempting to access the UBCMS login page, the page never loads.