Cannot Configure Reports (Preview mode)

Reports cannot be configured while in Preview mode from the Sidekick. Use keyboard shortcut 'CTRL+E' (Windows) or 'CMD+E' (Mac) to toggle back to Edit mode.

Published June 3, 2016

The Issue

Users may experience a situation where the Reports seemingly cannot be configured. A report can be built, or an existing report can be entered, but the Configure button is unresponsive.  

This can occur when the user has previously entered Preview mode while editing a page, or perhaps accidentally via the keyboard shortcut.  Preview mode effects editing any pages in Author, as well as other parts of the UBCMS, including the Reports.   


The user must exit Preview mode. The fastest way to do this is by using the keyboard shortcut 'CTRL+E' (Windows) or 'CMD+E' (Mac) to toggle from Preview back to Edit mode. Alternately, return to to a Web page in Author and click the Edit mode in the Sidekick, or open a new page for editing and similarly click the Edit mode button in the Sidekick.