.docx Files Display Oddly in the DAM

Word documents with the .docx format uploaded to the DAM are displayed unexpectedly as folders.

Updated November 14, 2014

The Issue

docx files displaying as folders in the DAM.

docx files displaying as folders in the DAM.

When an author attempts to select a Word document from the DAM that was created using the newer .docx file format, and the document includes images, the document may be confusingly displayed as a folder with additional files, rather than the expected linkable object. This leads the author to assume they cannot link to the document from the file chooser (magnifying glass).


The vendor is investigating a fix.

In the meantime, should you encounter one of these files, treat the 'folder' as a normal linkable file. Behavior on your published site will be normal.

Alternately, try converting the docx file to a pdf. Behavior should then be normal.