Edited DAM Content Isn't Appearing on a Site

Updated May 20, 2014

The Issue

You've updated a file that was uploaded to the Digital Assets Manager (DAM), but the overwritten file does not yet appear on any sites that reference it. This is because the DAM server cache is only 'flushed,' or cleared, once per day.


Your updated file should appear the next day. (The cache is normally flushed before 6 a.m.)

If you have a business critical need for an overwritten file to be published immediately, contact the UBCMS Help Desk.

Alternately, rename the file ('move' the file to a new name), re-activate it, then move it back to its original name, and re-activate it again. This will force the UBCMS to flush the file from the cache and push out the new version to your published site.