Share This Does Not Include Desired Image

Published July 31, 2019

The Issue

We have received reports of undesirable functionality when users post a UBCMS page using the built-in Share This tool.

Either no image is included, or not the expected image, or the image is an undesirable shape.

The Cause

Share This does not work well for some of our components, such as photo galleries, carousels or slide decks.

The Share This library for social media works for the host page, does not dig into the carousel, and does not reach shared content. It uses the Social tab from the host page's Page Properties, or if that is not provided, it uses the top-most image on the host page.

Images in a photo gallery do not count as images on the page so if there is no explicit single image on the page there will be no image in the social media post.

Further, social media thumbnails are different shapes, so even if you provide an image that Share This can access, the thumbnail that is produced may be cropped oddly.


Make sure to provide an image on the page, possibly in Page Properties's social media tab.