Brand UI Preview - Continued Evolution | Unit Brand Lessons Learned (12/8/2016)

Solutions Group Date: December 8, 2016

Presenters:  Rebecca Bernstein, Joseph Didomizio, Holly Acito, Jackie Hausler & Nick Peterson 


  • [0:00]  Course Welcome and Introduction

          Lessons Learned 

  • [01:44]  Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement:  How our business strategy changed once we examined our focus
  • [15:25]  School of Engineering and Applied Sciences:  Using analytics to narrow our selection of key pages
  • [30:00]  School of Public Health and Health Professions:  Considerations for elevating how your information architecture (IA) performs for your users 
  • [39:33]  School of Public Health and Health Professions: HOW we are changing our story telling efforts (hint: it has to do with videos)

Brand UI Preview

  • [47:34]  Brand UI: Sharing our thoughts as we evolve the UI