Published July 13, 2017

These training sessions are for contributors to UB's online Event Calendar ( For more information on the UB Event Calendar, please see the Calendar Support page:

Presenter:  Erica Berman, Active Calendar

Regular Contributor Training

Training for Regular Contributors of calendar content and events. This training focuses on navigating the calendar, both the visible front-end and the administrative back-end, specifically the Events Dashboard. Participants will learn how to create and submit events as well as manage their profile. This training will focus on populating the fields necessary for event creation & feed generation. Regular Contributors will not have publishing permission but your event submissions will go into a queue for review and publishing. 

  • Navigating the Front-End Calendar
  • Logging in
  • My Profile
  • Create an Event
  • Simple Event
  • Series Event
  • Event  Dashboard
  • Edit an event
  • Copy an event

Power Contributor Training

The Power Contributor has all the permissions of the Regular Contributor but with the added benefit to publish their own events. This user can create, edit and publish events but should not edit or publish events submitted by other users.  Power Users should attend the session for Regular Users as a pre-requisite. This training will cover additional Event Options and Management.

Prerequisite: Regular Contributor Training

  • Event Dashboard – Advanced
  • Delete and Restore an event
  • Cancel an event

Unit Administrator Training

Unit Administrators will be responsible for approving events submitted by other users. In this training, Unit Admin’s will learn how to create and publish events as well as navigate the Events Dashboard to locate events by specific keywords or categories. This user will be able create and publish their own events in addition to approving or denying events submitted by regular users or other authors.

Prerequisite: Power Contributor Training

Feature Change: Please note that contrary to direction provided in training, "Schools" is now a Category rather than a Custom Field. 

Marketing your Event with the UB Calendar: DCT Solutions Group

Presenters:  Nick Peterson, Kevin Eye & Tracey Eastman

  • Overview of the new UB calendar
  • How the new calendar will integrate with the UBCMS 
  • Walk-through how to create an event