Flex UI Changes at a Glance

Quickly find where Classic tools and features are in the new Flex UI.

General Functionality

Keyboard Shortcuts: We developed a suite of keyboard shortcuts to help you do your work faster and easier.

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Use Preview Mode to follow links: You can no longer follow a link in Edit Mode. Instead, switch to Preview Mode. This will also reveal those 'helper' references to embedded Shared Content. (Hint: click the 'm' key to toggle back and forth.)

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Annotations are Hidden: Click the little icon at the top right of the window (it may show a number or a "+" sign) to reveal the annotations interface. We also added a new feature called Authoring Notes!

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> Learn about Authoring Notes

Think Touch-Screen Interface

Unlike the Classic version, right-clicking and double-clicking have no special function. Instead, select an item then look for additional tools or menus to appear.

Where Did It Go? (New Feature Locations)

Last reviewed: May 13, 2021

This is a quick reference. A comprehensive chart is provided for all the changes to the Sidekick tools and features.

Used to Be in the Sidekick
Classic UI Flex UI
Activate Page / Deactivate Page
now 'Publish Page' / 'Unpublish Page' in Page Information ('equalizer' icon)
Audit Log Sites Console: toggle Side Panel and see Timeline
Components Edit Console: toggle Side Panel and see Component Browser
Copy Page Sites Console: select page then click Copy in Command Menu
Create Child Page Sites Console: click Create in upper right
Delete Page Sites Console: select page then click Delete in Command Menu
Move Page
Sites Console: select page then click Move in Command Menu
Preview Mode Edit Console: click Preview button in upper right
Page Properties Sites Console: select page then click Properties in Command Menu
Edit Console: click Page Information ('equalizer' icon)
Reload page no replacement, instead refresh browser
Show References
Sites Console: toggle Side Panel and see References  
Versions Sites Console: toggle Side Panel and see Timeline
Websites now called 'Sites Console'
Locations of Other UBCMS Features
Classic UI Flex UI
not shown until enter Annotation mode
Content Finder Edit Console: toggle Side Panel and see 'Assets Browser'
(developers only)
Start Page: see sidebar Tools + General
Digital Assets Manager
aka the "DAM"
now called Assets Console
Reports Start Page: see sidebar Tools + UB Custom Tools
Tag Admin Tool
(admins only)
Start Page, see sidebar Tools + General
Users / Group Manager
(admins only)
Start Page: see sidebar, see Tools + Security
Websites Admin Console now called 'Sites Console'
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