Here are all the patches, updates and improvements we have made in 2014.

December: Analytics, Photo Caption, Reports


  • Analytics: Google Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager are now available in Page Properties, in addition to Google Classic Analytics.
  • List Builder: When building lists using tags, you can now include multiple start paths.
  • Reports: A new report of vanity URLs is now available.
  • Photo: The caption within the Photo component can now accept rich text, just like the standalone Caption component, which is unchanged.
  • Table: Added spell check button to Table component dialog.
  • List Builder: Fixed an error with paginated lists with URL parameters without values.


  • List Builder (and related components): There is a new option to make all links in the list open in a new window.
  • Reports: Paths on new reports were set to /content/demo, but most authors cannot see this site. The default is now blank. Also, reports previously run with no path would result in errors; they now return no results and no error, and show a reminder to check the config.
  • Comments: After posting a moderated comment, the message to the user that their comment was received and would be moderated appeared in the comments section of the page, which was often not visible when the page reloaded after posting. The page now loads scrolled to this message.
  • Forms: The Listserv Signup form action type was not working, and was not in use. It has been removed.

November: On This Page, Content Optimization Container


  • On This Page: collapsible content headers can now be excluded from On This Page lists using a checkbox in the Collapsible Content Container component dialog box, similar to the same checkbox in the Title component.
  • Photo: inline captions (captions entered in the Photo component dialog box, not using the standalone Caption component) now wrap properly in RWD (mobile devices) on RWD enabled sites.
  • List Builder: there was a bug preventing lists with "Display as: Full content" from including the same piece of content more than once (regardless of recursion, even safely). This is fixed, and true recursion is properly detected and prevented.
  • Content Optimization Container: the value labeled default (“Normal visibility” — hidden neither in desktop or mobile) was not actually the default. Now it is. Settings in existing Content Optimization Containers will not be affected.
  • Content Optimization Container: exposed “Opening HTML” field, giving the ability to wrap components with multiple tags/classes/IDs at once.
  • Tag Report: added new report listing tags used on a site.
  • Shared Content: added publishing status indicator to “Go to source of” links to shared content, similar to indicators in siteadmin/tree view.
  • Table: removed 100 percent width override on tables. The value for width (in pixels or percent) entered in the table properties dialog box will now be honored. All existing tables have been reset to 100 percent width so they will continue to display as they have.
  • Table: wide tables on narrow screens on RWD-enabled sites can now be scrolled horizontally.
  • IE11: headings, links, buttons and other text on pages using the Din font were rendered a few pixels too high (e.g. not vertically centered) in Internet Explorer 11. This is corrected.

October: Search component, Shared Content


  • Search: the “Search” component can be added from the sidekick (“More Components”) to any page. Previously, this component was only available by copying a search results page. The Search component provides a search box and search results, or can now be configured to show a search box and link to another page to show results.
  • List Builder: a list with Display as: Full content could include itself, causing the page to go into a loop. This is now safely detected.
  • Shared Content Reference: some shared content is invisible when referenced (such as a lone <script> or <style> tag). The reference component now detects this and shows a “handle” in author mode so the component can still be edited. (D1537)
  • Links (multiple components): “mailto:” links in many places, such as Fixed lists did not work since a change on 7/30. These should now work again.
  • Reports: only user-administrators can now see/create the User report


  • List Builder (and related components): all links in fixed lists are now updated when the pages they link to are moved (a past update addressed new and modified lists; this retroactively fixes old lists.)
  • Page Properties: a new option allows forcing or preventing https/SSL on a page
  • Reports: are now linked from the welcome screen and have a new interface, including the ability to make batch updates
  • Reports: new user/group report available to admin users
  • Horizontal Slide Deck (New): fixed a problem opening the dialog box in Firefox

September: List Component, ReCaptcha, External Embed


  • List Component (and related components): new "exclude current page" option that removes the page you're on from a list
  • ReCaptcha: changed default wording referencing "two words," since there is often just one number to type now
  • Table: added CSS rules to remove border when setting border to "0" in table properties, and added table demo page to demo site
  • Reports: added report infrastructure and two new reports, external resources report for site go-live prep, and annotation report to list author sticky notes


  • Added "prevent caching" option to page properties
  • External Embed Component: now handles 302 redirect after POST
  • Miscellaneous components: minor fix for link target


  • List Builder (and related components): add “start at” option to trim items off the beginning
  • Photo Gallery: caption and title fix

August: Slide Decks, Annotations, Comments


  • Slide Decks: new RWD-friendly Slide Decks (vertical and horizontal) are now available for all sites under “More Components.” Old Slide Decks will be removed from the Sidekick soon. At that time, you will no longer be able to create old Slide Decks, but existing old Slide Decks will remain unchanged and continue to be editable so you can upgrade at your own pace.
  • Content Optimization Component: moved from “RWD Components” to “Specialist Components” and available for all sites/authors. Also, minor labeling adjustments. Date tags: now included on all pages, based on “Date Created” component value, or last modified time stamp of page.
  • Column Control: added 4–4–4 and 2–4 layouts
  • On This Page: long titles now indent when wrapping
  • Annotations: ability to add annotations was not present in all components’ right-click menus. Annotations should be available almost everywhere now.
  • List Builder (and related components): sorting options of fixed lists did not work and are now disabled (use arrows to manually order items in fixed list)
  • Comments: restored (since removal with 5.6 upgrade)
  • Sidekick: “Deactivate” button is no longer duplicated

July: Column Control, Teasers, RWD


  • Fix to a problem reported noting that the list component no longer displays items that do not have a URL in the entry


  • Column Control: moved from "More Components" to "Core Components"
  • List Builder (and related components): improved error message for fixed lists with nonexistent paths
  • Teasers (multiple components): unexpected formatting in text components is now removed to match page content
  • Search box (in header) and Search Results components: minor CSS adjustments
  • RWD-enabled sites only:
    • Mobile Menu: miscellaneous improvements, including expand/collapse transition effects
    • Mobile Search and Search Results: now RWD-enabled
    • Fat Footer: miscellaneous improvements, including expand/collapse transition effect
    • Slidedeck Vertical: minor adjustment to transition effect


  • List Builder (and related components): links in fixed lists created or edited after this update are now updated when the pages they link to are moved (a future update will address existing fixed lists)
  • Search Results: option added to disable "result filtering" ("More results from..." and "we have omitted some very similar results..." links)
  • Page Properties: changed background image upload text to clarify that upload is disabled when "inherited" is selected
  • Demo Site: replaced geometrixx DAM images with UB images
  • RWD-enabled sites only:

    • Mobile Menu: miscellaneous improvements (2230)
    • Slide Deck: Vertical: miscellaneous improvements (2229)
    • Fat Footer: now RWD-enabled (2420)
    • Simple Footer: now RWD-enabled (2422)
    • Bread crumbs: now RWD-enabled (2423)
    • Mini Header: now RWD-enabled (2424)
    • Map (Google): scaled to fit width in RWD mode (2392)
    • Recaptcha: scaled to fit width in RWD mode
    • Collection Carousel: carousel is now hidden in RWD mode (intro title and text remains)
    • Content Optimization Container: added "right-bottom" and "center-or-right-bottom" data-sets on all pages
    • RWD preview tool: fixed
    • Components below nav in left column are now moved to the bottom of the page rather than hidden in RWD mode
    • Authoring improvements when editing components with images on RWD-enabled sites
    • Miscellaneous layout and styling adjustments


  • Slidedeck: Horizontal (RWD pilot only): minor adjustments
  • URL redirects: Added “.cfm” to “legacy script” redirects — going to *.cfm (possibly from an old bookmark) will redirect to *.html and/or work with vanity URLs


  • Photo and File Download components: uploads fixed in Firefox
  • Rich Text Editor (Text and other components): fixed spell check
  • Image Gallery and Photo Slideshow components: fixed caption problems with multiple lines and from upgrade

May: Comments Component, Slide Deck


  • Disable request.log


  • Comments component temporarily removed until 5.6 upgrade
  • Slide Deck: Horizontal component (RWD pilot only) minor JS fix
  • GSE Online site: adjustments to mapping rules for site go-live
  • Table component: examples added to demo site Designs section
  • Table component: further adjustments to header colors for accessibility (contrast)

April: Map, RWD, News List Component


  • Map (Google) component: fix to support map embedding on https sites (including UBCMS Author)
  • Table component: small change to table header background color for accessibility compliance
  • External Embed component: minor correction to reduce size of logged errors
  • RWD pilot only: Slide Deck Vertical component-changes to dialog box, minor fixes
  • RWD pilot only: Slide Deck Horizontal component)-added
  • RWD pilot only: Content Optimization Container-fix for ordering of elements
  • RWD pilot only: Content Optimization Container-fix for what is shown outside RWD mode
  • mapping rules: updated for upcoming launch of GSE site


  • new responsive vertical and horizontal slide deck components (for RWD pilot use only)


  • improved security of pages using external embed and related components (search results, faculty bio, faculty browser)
  • renamed "Page Report" (formerly "Page Manager Report") and added to welcome screen
  • added "Empty Message" field to News List component


  • published date component is broken
  • fixed list does not display when a page in the list is deactivated
  • emergency banner (RAVE CAP) changes
  • more old stories not showing in News Center search
  • site starter uses wrong leftNavRootLevel for some templates
  • vanity URLs remain in effect on publisher after activation of removal
  • article tools component spacing
  • the question mark (?) in Sidekick goes to dead link

March: Divider Component


  • enabled the user-generated Comments component
  • added the Divider component to related content container
  • fixed losing title text while copying or moving a title in a fat footer

February: Photo Component, RWD Resizer


  • refinements to the Photo component
  • changes to resizer for Responsive Web Design (RWD)