Below are all the patches, updates and improvements made to the UBCMS in 2015.

November: Workflow updates (pilot)


  • Workflow (pilot users): Emails can now include CC.  Workflow model email templates will need to be modified to utilize this new feature.
  • Workflow (pilot users):  Workflow email subjects and messages will use the words "page" or "asset" as appropriate.
  • Workflow (pilot users): new workflow report

October: Dynamic List components| Collapsible Content anchors open content when clicked | long words and displayed URLs wrap | Bug fixes


  • Dynamic List: The Dynamic List and related components were in pilot mode and are now enabled for all sites. The Dynamic List allows authors to build lists that can be customized by site visitors, such as by searching or filtering by tag or date.
  • Vanity URLs: For some published hosts (e.g. engineering.buffalo.edu), very short vanity URLs were masked by other URL rules. Short vanity URLs will now work as expected.
  • List Component: "Display as: Full content" and “Open links in new window” settings are incompatible and now disable each other when selected.
  • Versioning: When creating a new page version from the sidekick, the “Label” field was not working for most authors, but should now be fixed.
  • Workflows (pilot): Workflows can now be created to work with DAM assets.


  • Highlight module Youtube videos: fixed an error parsing some youtube URLs, such as youtu.be/.
  • Highlight module Youtube videos: also fixed highlight photos with videos getting stretch in RWD mode in some cases.
  • Collapsible Content: links to headings within a closed collapsible content container now scroll down the page to the correct heading, not just the top of the collapsible section.
  • All text: URLs and very long words that would not wrap and overflow their column will now be broken to new lines as needed to fit within the column.
  • Internet Explorer version 8 and 7: some small errors were causing older versions of IE to render pages very poorly, such as entirely without photos. This is resolved. Pages should generally be functional, but may not be pixel-perfect in old browsers.
  • Workflows (pilot): an error has been fixed that was causing repeated emails when a workflow was completed and annotations to stay on the page.
  • Slidedeck: Horizontal: some errors when clicking to the next and previous slides have been resolved.
  • Breadcrumbs: breadcrumbs now use “Navigation Title” field (if present) rather than “Page Title” for shared content in host mode.

Most of these changes were planned for last week, but then postponed.

September: Dividers in RCC's | Photo Gallery + Slide Show now retired | Comments no longer recommended | List Builder has new RWD options; new stewardship properties, UB Alert banner is RWD compatible; performance upgrade


  • Divider Component: dividers added to the related content component match the dividers on other related content components (two lines). Existing dividers are unaffected. Also, the divider on a pull quote is hidden if it is immediately preceded by the article tools component, leading to two dividers.
  • Highlight Modules: youtube videos can be added to highlight modules (shared content). The video will be shown in slideshows, carousels, and other list teasers.
  • Retired Photo Gallery and Photo Slideshow: as described a month ago, these components have now been removed from the sidekick. Please use the new Photo Gallery component, which will now be the only one listed in the sidekick. Existing uses of the old gallery and slideshow will still continue to work.
  • Sitemap Component: fixed a bug where the sitemap could not be edited when added to a page marked “Hide in Sitemap Component”.
  • Comments: the comments component is now only available in the “Experimental Components” section of the sidekick. Adobe has made comments in future versions of CQ incompatible with the current version and we want to restrict usage until we decide how to proceed. Existing uses of the comments component (including visitors posting new comments) are unaffected.
  • Dynamic List (pilot users): removed multiple "Start in" paths due to performance problems
  • User Permissions (pilot users): The "Manage Group Membership” option has been re-enabled on the welcome screen.
  • Workflow (pilot users): Annotations are now added and removed from shared content pages in workflow, similar to normal pages.
  • Performance: the request coalescing filter described in the last deployment was switched off due to a problem. It will be enabled again with this deployment.


  • List Builder: added separate list limit options (number of items displayed) for mobile and desktop.
  • Stewardship: consolidated stewardship fields in page properties (Page Maintainer, Review Date) to new “Stewardship" tab and added more stewardship fields (Subject Matter Expert, Review Frequency, Notes) to page properties and page report.
  • Feed Importer: to lighten system load, importing of feeds with more than 50 changes are deferred until off hours (9:30 PM - 5:30 AM).
  • Photo (and other components using images): fixed error when image crop coordinates are outside image bounds.
  • UB Alert Banner: enabled RWD on UB Alert banner.
  • Performance: on published pages, concurrent requests for the same page are now coalesced into one and only generated once. This is intended to help prevent the server from being overloaded by requests to computationally expensive pages that have been purged from the dispatcher cache.

August: new Table styles, improved large image rendering, more Hide in Navigation options, etc.


  • Tables: added styles menu to table component dialog box with choices like vertical striped, vertical ruled, and no border.
  • Links: "tel:" links now work correctly in body text, fixed lists, and wherever links can be entered.
  • Navigation Options: new navigation options (launched 8/5) are now available in shared content page properties dialog boxes.
  • Form components: removed miscellaneous options that did not work (description field and a few others) from form dialog boxes.
  • Create Page dialog box: removed broken "example" links from page template descriptions.


  • Photo and related components: the blocking of large images has been relaxed. A more efficient resizing algorithm is now used, greatly reducing the impact of large images on the system. Images up to 6000px wide or tall are now allowed. There are currently no images affected by this limit.
  • Navigation Options: in page properties, navigation options like "Hide in Navigation" have been moved to their own section. Also, "Hide in Navigation" has been broken into separate options like Hide in Top, Left, Mobile, Sitemap, etc. Pages that used to have "Hide in Navigation" set now have all these options set to preserve the same behavior.
  • On This Page: headings hidden with the Content Optimization Container are now hidden in the On This Page list
  • Callout: fixed bulleted and numbered list styling
  • Workflow pilot: the issue with links missing ".html" in emails is now fixed.

July: Dynamic Lists, Photo Gallery patched, RWD 'overview title' restored, Pull Quote change


  • Photo (and other components using photos): added a check on image dimensions to protect the server from trying to render very large images. A red “X” image will be served when the size limit is exceeded. This size limit is critical to protect the server from consuming too much memory and crashing. The initial limit should not disrupt any existing images, but we may communicate about more restrictive limits in the future.
  • List (and related components): pages that are not fully activated (with a jcr:content node, such as when a child page is activated without the parent being activated) no longer cause an error on the whole page
  • SlideDeck: Horizontal: fixed randomization of slides
  • SlideDeck: Horizontal: removed extra space between slide deck and top nav on home pages
  • Related Pull Quote: changed link field to allow selecting a path
  • Flex Module: changed to small bullet on “Call To Action” list style
  • Flex Module: added option to open link in new window
  • Photo: fixed empty zoom caption
  • Form Text Field: fixed “Only Show Value” could not be unchecked
  • Photo Gallery (New): fixed issue with some image captions
  • Mobile Menu: a page root can now be entered in the mobile menu dialog box
  • Shortcut: fixed Cmd-E/Ctrl-E author shortcut (was broken in some browsers, and when using content finder)



  • Dynamic List Pilot: Many changes from pilot group feedback. See separate list below.
  • Related Pull Quote: The quoted person’s name can now be a link.
  • Photo Gallery (new): Fixed issues in mobile Safari.
  • User Permissions Pilot: Added option to create group (sub-site) that can be seen by all.
  • Mobile Menu: Restored “Overview Title” functionality accidentally removed in a recent release.
  • Author profiles: Author email addresses will be migrated to an updated storage format in preparation for the Workflow pilot. No visible changes are expected.

Dynamic List changes include:

  • List: Added tag filter and multiple start path selection.
  • List: Allowed author to add a title that appears only when the list appears (e.g. “Matching articles” or “Search results”).
  • List: Added new display/template choice for author: “Teasers: News (with dates and feature story).”
  • Tag and Archive Facets: Allowed author to add some descriptive text (e.g “Explore matches by month.”
  • Archive Facet: Allowed author to edit title.
  • Archive Facet: Allowed author to limit months displayed by date range.
  • Archive Facet: Allowed author to limit months to a fixed number (e.g. top 12 months).
  • Tag Facet: Switched path selector to tag selector, enabling multiple tag selection. Multiple tags match or/any-style.
  • Tag Facet: Added sorting options: most frequently used (default), alphabetical.
  • Tag Facet: Allowed author to limit number of tags shown.
  • Tag Facet: Allowed author to limit tags shown to only ones used > N times.
  • Tag Facet: Adjusted “compact” format: fix line spacing, drop numbers.
  • Tag Facet: Adjusted “cloud” format sizes and styling.
  • Stats: Dropped “for {term}” part of “Results 1 – 3 of 3 for {term}”.
  • Various components: Added “(This message will not show in preview mode or on the live site.)” to callout hints to authors.

June: improved printing, new external link icons, Collapsible Content heading choices

  • Printing: Pages should now print better.
  • External Embed: A new option has been added to include alternate content in place of an error message.
  • Mobile Navigation Menu: Related links are hidden beyond the second level of navigation.
  • Links: Links explicitly marked “Open in new window” in various components are now marked with an icon on the page. Also, links to files and documents are now marked with an icon on the page as well as, in most cases, the size of the file to be downloaded.
  • Photo component: Added new 30x30 px “Thumbnail” size choice.
  • Collapsible Content: Added heading size choices.
  • Forms: Fixed incorrect paths reported for form emails from ssl pages (e.g. https://www.buffalo.edu:80/content/...).
  • Event List: There is a new display option in the event list to hide the event title prefixes (e.g. “SMBS Event”)
  • Fonts: Fixed font vertical alignment issues of DIN font (Top Navigation bar and elsewhere) in Firefox for Windows and Mac and Chrome for Windows.
  • Content Optimization Container: Made nested Content Optimization Container components behave more predictably. Moving one inside another should no longer reset them to not overlap when editing their settings. Also, the end description should work properly when nested. Note: Only nest content optimization container components for HTML/class/ID wrapping; nesting has unpredictable results when used to rearrange content for RWD.
  • YouTube Gallery: Updated YouTube gallery component forYouTube v3 APIs. Due to the urgency, this change went live June 10.
  • Form: Fixed paths to shared content rather than page visited in form emails.

May: Key Tasks, Collapsible Content

  • Event List: The number of events to display was not properly preserved with the last update. This is now fixed. Also, maximums on the number of events to display have been removed.
  • Key Tasks (Experimental Components): Five key tasks could be entered but only four were displayed. Now all five are displayed. Also, spacing of the module at the top of homepages has been adjusted.
  • Slide Deck: Horizontal: Image crop is now properly centered and sized.
  • Photo Slideshow: Fixed problems in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Collapsible Content and Content Optimizer Container: Descriptive labels to authors are now shown in the "End" bar of the component as well as the "Start" bar.

April: Events List, RWD, Mobile menu


  • Events List: Events up to a year in the past can now be featured by the Events List component. Also, event coloring has changed. Gray is now used for past events, dark blue is used for today’s events (formerly light blue) and light blue is now used for other upcoming events (formerly gray). Default values produce the same lists (no past events), so no changes other than coloring are expected for existing event lists.
  • Tablet RWD: Screens between 720 and 960 pixels (iPads and other tablets) will now be zoomed out to show the full page instead of starting zoomed to 1:1 size with the right column obscured.
  • Key Tasks (Experimental Component): The new Key Tasks component (found in the “Experimental Components” Sidekick group for now) places key messaging content next to a photo or slide deck in a home page layout.
  • Mobile Menu: There is a new “Overview Title” option in page properties that will override the default “<Section> Overview” name given to the first page of each sub-section of the mobile-friendly menu.
  • External Embed: https URLs are now supported.
  • Column Control:Some column options (e.g. 3-6-3) were missing from shared content pages, but are now available.
  • Demo Site: Some demo site content has been reorganized and re-labeled to reflect previously “Retired” components.


  • Collapsible Grid and Photo Gallery (new): Moved from “Experimental” to “More Components” and available on all sites.
  • Photo Slideshow and Photo Gallery (old): Please begin using the new Photo Gallery component in favor of these components. These components have now been labeled “RETIRED” in the Sidekick. They will be removed from the Sidekick at a future time, making authors unable to add them to pages after that time. Existing "Photo Slideshow (RETIRED)" and "Photo Gallery (RETIRED)" components will continue working as is indefinitely.
  • Description <meta> tag: The “Description” field in Page Properties is now used on the page in a <meta> tag.
  • jQuery.address: Fixed query.address-related javascript errors in custom analytics tracking packages. The jQuery.address plugin was removed in the last release with jQuery.colorbox, but there were references to it in some HTML packages.


  • Distributed Permissions Tools: New tools for managing users and groups will be rolled out to pilot users.
  • Photo Zoom, Photo Slideshow (old) and other components using “colorbox” popup: Image popups will now accommodate longer (more than one line) captions. Popups also have a different visual style.
  • Collapsible Grid (Experimental Component): Image sizing/cropping fix for non-mobile high-dpi screens.
  • List Builder: Lists set to display as “Teasers: Grid” now have linked text more clearly styled as clickable links. This was reported as fixed in the last release, but accidentally left out.

March: keyboard shortcuts, Photo Gallery, Launches


  • File Download: A new option in the dialog box allows linking to external files.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: You can now press Command-E (Mac) or Control-E (Windows) to toggle between author and preview mode when editing a page.
  • Collapsible Grid: The new collapsible grid component (found in the “Experimental Components” sidekick group for now) can feature teasers of up to 10 pages in a grid. (Example: http://www.buffalo.edu/content/demo/components/shared/collapsible-grid.html).
  • Photo Gallery: The new photo gallery component (found in the “Experimental Components” sidekick group for now) creates a grid or slideshow of photos directly from the DAM. This component will eventually replace both the old Photo Gallery and Photo Slideshow components. (Example: http://www.buffalo.edu/content/demo/components/content/gallery-new.html).
  • Dynamic List Builder: The new dynamic list components (found in the “Experimental Components” sidekick group for now) will enable building rich search interfaces, dynamic landing pages and tag clouds. (Examples: http://www.buffalo.edu/content/demo/components/content/dynamic-list.html).
  • Related Links: When setting up related links modules in the left nav and top menus, linking to a missing page, or a page with other kinds of errors would break the page’s layout. The missing/erroring page is now ignored.
  • Photo: A bug where in some cases deleting the caption would bring back an older version of the caption has been fixed.
  • List Builder and related components: “PostDate” has been a sorting choice for news lists and always worked if typed in for other lists. It is now a menu choice on all lists.
  • List Builder: Lists set to display as “Links: Compact” no longer have a space before the comma.
  • Faculty Browser: (RWD sites only) The faculty browser is now more functional on small (mobile) screens. There is still a larger project underway to make the faculty browser fully mobile accessible.
  • Faculty Profile: Faculty profile tabbed sections now have rounded corners.
  • Slidedeck components: The two slidedeck components marked “(RETIRED)” have now finally been removed from the sidekick and can no longer be added to new pages. They will continue to work as is and be editable in existing pages indefinitely.
  • Related Links: (RWD sites only) Related link lists styled as “Teasers: With Images” will now display with small, not full-width-stretched images.
  • List Builder: Lists set to display as “Teasers: Grid” now have linked text more clearly styled as clickable links.
  • Google Sitemap and Mobile Menu: Fixed JSON encoding issue in JSON sitemap output and date encoding issue in xml output.


  • IE 11: Improved compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. For example, it was not possible to add a link within text using IE 11 before. This is fixed. UBCMS authoring should now work as well in IE 11 as other browsers.
  • Launches: Entire launches can now be made live, rather than just one page at a time.


  • Faculty Browser: links to faculty profiles were not correct when loaded over https. Also, the incorrect links were cached for non-https when first loaded via https.
  • Tag Editor: the “Move” tag button was disabled, but now works as expected.

February: Form Component


  • Form Component: Exclude reCaptcha field from form email.


  • Callout: Tweaked colors and icons for all Callout components. More icons and colors are now available and can be selected independently from each other.
  • List Builder: Added “Links: Compact” display option, which lists pages in a simple, comma-separated list.
  • CAPTCHA: Upgraded to Google’s new “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” (see http://goo.gl/w8lu4t), which offers the same protection, but less fuzzy letters. Sorry bots!
  • Call to Action: updated the large and medium icons to work on more background colors.
  • Emergency Alert Banner: Authors can now add the UB Alert banner (seen on www.buffalo.edu) to their own site’s header page to automatically show UB Alerts on their site.
  • Find & Replace: The “Find & Replace” tool in the site list view now finds more. (It was previously constrained to only a subset of component fields.)
  • Related Content Component: Fixed minor display issue with Related Content Container taking up extra space in Responsive Web Design mode.

January: analytics, MS Office links


  • Analytics: Google Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager are now available in Page Properties, in addition to Google Classic Analytics.
  • List Builder: When building lists using tags, you can now include multiple start paths.
  • Reports: A new report of vanity URLs is available.
  • Photo: The caption within the Photo component can now accept rich text, just like the standalone Caption component, which is unchanged.
  • Table: A spell check button has been added to the Table component dialog.
  • List Builder: An error with paginated lists with URL parameters without values has been fixed.
  • Event List: Added option to hide the large date block.
  • Form Text Field: Removed credit card number and CCV field validation types. UBCMS forms should not be used to collect credit card numbers or other sensitive data.
  • Links in MS Office: Links to UBCMS pages and files in Microsoft Office documents prompted for a username and password when clicked in certain versions of Microsoft Office. This prompt will no longer be shown.