Below are all the patches, updates and improvements made to the UBCMS in 2016.



  • List components: List components set to “Build list using: Search”, and some using “Advanced search”, including most Event List components, were extremely slow since the 6.1 in most cases (sometimes 20+ seconds) and now should be much faster (<1/4 second).
  • Tabs component (experimental): You can now generate tabs from child pages in shared content.



  • Mobile: Hide in Mobile Nav setting in page properties no longer takes effect in task and audience nav (“Info About” and “Info For”) sections of the mobile menu.
  • Mobile: Task and Audience nav sections of mobile menu no longer show sub-pages.
  • Article Tools: With the removal of comments, the “Comments” option is now removed from the dialog box, too.
  • Workflow: Special characters, like curly quotes, were not coming through correctly in emails. This should be fixed.
  • RAVE Emergency Alerts: Special characters, like curly quotes, were not coming through correctly in emails (only emails to RAVE admins; not emails to the campus). This should be fixed.
  • LDAP User Tool: Fixes for how users are created.
  • Tabs component: The fixed height option is removed. The new “Tabs” component was released into “Experimental Components” last week with the upgrade.



  • Accessibility: improved keyboard navigation for the Collapsible Grid component.
  • Lists: the 'fixed list' choice is renamed to 'curated list' in more places. Rationale, these are no longer 'fixed lists' since their order can be adjusted randomly.
  • New Brand (pilot only): More features of the header and navigation are implemented for brand pilot sites.




  • Upcoming change freezes:
    • no changes Wed 11/2 or 11/9/16 due to AEM 6.1 upgrade
    • no changes Wed 11/23/16 due to Thanksgiving
    • no changes Wed 12/21 or 12/28/16 due to Winter holidays
    • no changes Wed 2/1/17 due to Spring semester start


  • Related Photo: the related photo component (used in the related asset column) now correctly shows a placeholder for a photo until one is uploaded.
  • Flex Module: as a side effect of the Related Photo component fix, flex modules will now show a photo and list placeholder. These placeholders are only shown in author mode.
  • Accessibility: improved keyboard navigation, especially in top nav menus. it should now be possible to use tab and return to navigate through UBCMS sites.
  • Accessibility: the “skip to content” link should now be visible when focused (when tabbed to).
  • Dynamic List: some components related to the dynamic list were no longer editable or removable if placed on a page without a fixed list. This is corrected by adding a proper placeholder to these components.
  • List: the “fixed list” choice in the List component (and variations) is now referred to as “curated list.”
  • New Brand (pilot only): Most features of the new header and footer are implemented for brand pilot sites.



  • Forms: Dropdown, Radio, and Checkbox form fields will now have a hint/description field like Text and other fields.
  • Author Activity Report: This new report shows for each path entered, how many pages under that path have been modified ad activated in the last 6 and 12 months.
  • Left Navigation: Marking of current page when three levels deep is now clearer.



  • Page Title - the <title> tag of the page (used for browser window/tab name, search results, bookmarks, etc. will now always end with “ - University at Buffalo”.
  • List Builder - the fixed list can now be sorted like other lists (including randomization and reverse sort).
  • Brand Preview (brand pilot sites only) - a new brand preview switch is being rolled out to test the new brand implementation in pilot sites.


  • Carousel: When placed in 3-col column control columns, the carousel is now the correct width. Note, the carousel cannot be placed into a column control without using a shared content reference or modifying your site’s design.



  • Reports: Some report features (configuring and importing CVS data) did not work if you left authoring tools in Preview mode. Preview mode is now switched off automatically when viewing reports.
  • Keyboard accessibility: Links in the top nav menus on all sites are now accessible using the tab key.
  • Page Report: the notes column in the page report is now restored after having been left off in a previous change.



  • Fixed duplication of On This Page component list when in content optimization container in RWD.


  • Adjusted padding on RWD Blue brand bar.
  • Fixed inconsistent styling of paragraph text in table cells.
  • Page report modified to include columns for On/off times, featured times and scheduled activation times.
  • SPHHP page creation notification.



  • Social tab on shared content now carries over to host page.
  • Toggle key-stroke to hide/show all annotations on a page: Alt + K.
  • In preparation for 6.1 upgrade we are removing the Comment component from the Experimental Components group in the sidekick.



  • On/Off time functionality change
    • On/off time settings on Scheduling tab of page properties hidden for non-publishers - Only publishers will see and therefore be able to set the on/off time settings.  Do not activate page after setting on/off times.  It will get activated at the "on" time or deactivated at the "off" time.
    • This is changing because previously any author could adjust these settings and activate or deactivate the page, bypassing the normal publisher requirement.  For others, this option will be grayed out.
  • UB Reporter short urls.
  • Add appropriate component label to all text components' dialog boxes.
  • Make table component dialog box pop-out.


  • Site header subtitle: Added the ability to add a subtitle to a site. Subtitle can be added by editing the header configuration for a site.
  • Four column fat footer: Added an option to the Fat Footer component for a four-column layout, with the first column being half the width of the page.
  • Slideshows and flexible height images: Fixed full-height images in slideshows that were affecting picture height.
  • Button component: In author mode, added a handle to button component to make editing easier.
  • Vertical slideshows: For vertical slideshows, removed scrolling arrows when scrolling is not needed.  


  • Formstack component is being moved from Experimental Components to Form Components in Sidekick
  • On/Off time functionality change
    • Starting Wed. Mar. 16, you must now activate the page after setting an On/Off Time in the Scheduling tab of the Page Properties, for the settings to take effect.  This is changing because previously any author could adjust these settings and activate or deactivate the page, bypassing the normal publisher requirement.  With this change an author can set up the desired on/off times, but they will only take effect once a publisher has activated the page


  • Show See All button on event lists if checked and when no results.
  • Provide ability to center tables on page.
  • Do not show anchor links when printing page with "On this page" component.




  • Links are being listed as "#undefined" in "On This Page."
  • YouTube Video Component now works for short URLs.
  • New Formstack component.


  • Add Twitter and Facebook meta tags to UBCMS pages
  • Email links were being rewritten in Medicine's Faculty browser
  • SPHHP deactivation workflow
  • Workflow email template markers are now case-insensitive (to, from, cc, bcc)
  • Image caption doesn't show in dialog box for pre-rte captions
  • Tab Panel/Switch component did not recognize new label/content separators



  • Callout: When copying and pasting an existing callout component, its color and icon would revert to the defaults. Now they are preserved.
  • List Builder: Full content lists now have the “Go to source of …” link in author mode that many other list styles have.
  • eCV Faculty Browser: Styling of search results in the faculty browser component is improved.
  • Reports: Added a new DAM Asset report, very similar to the Page report but with DAM specific details.
  • Call to Action: When used next to a floated (non-full-column) Photo, the icon is now properly indented instead of overlapping the image.
  • External Embed: There is a known issue where 1%-2% of external embed requests incorrectly report that the URL is not trusted. A patch is included that may fix this.  


  • Slide Deck: Horizontal: The 9-column (3/4 page width) version of the horizontal slide deck has been adjusted to make better use of space (removed white padding, left column is narrower, photo is wider). The full-page-width horizontal slide deck is unchanged.
  • Key Tasks (Experimental Component): Made various styling enhancements, including making the key tasks column wider.
  • Photo Gallery: Pages with photo galleries had extra space at the bottom in RWD (mobile) mode. This extra space is now removed.