Below are all the patches, updates and improvements made to the UBCMS in 2017.



  • Button: White is now a color choice for buttons. This only works in the new brand.
  • eCV Faculty Browser/Profile: These components are ready for use with the new brand.
  • Reports: There are now two profile reports. Profile Report shows all data on a profile page (name, email, school, etc). Master Profile Report shows all relationships between /content/authoritative/profile pages and their respective profiles in /content/shared.
  • List Builder: Display as Medium Call to Action style corrected to use exact same style as medium call to action component.
  • Top Navigation (new brand): Adding too many pages to the top nav bar caused unusual wrapping/indenting issues on the page. Now top nav items are completely hidden if they wrap outside the top nav bar.
  • Social Buttons: Leaving the title field blank was defaulting to "Facebook". The default is now blank.
  • Groups: Moderator groups (no longer used since shutting down comments components) have been deleted.
  • Callout: Fixed callout title background color in mobile in right column.  



  • Tabs: Tabs now work without causing the page to reload. Bugs associated with the On This Page component in tabs, and around redirects to pages with tabs breaking back button navigation have been resolved.
  • Youtube Playlist: Fixed an issue limiting the playlist to show only the first five videos. Now up to 50 videos of the playlist are displayed.
  • Body Text and some other components (new brand only): Increase point size of bold text rendered in Sofia font 15px and smaller to improve legibility.
  • Photo Gallery: Photo Gallery now works correctly inside Collapsible Content.
  • Header Search Box (new brand only): "Autocomplete" menu that shows when typing in searches could not be clicked. This menu is now hidden in browsers that support this.
  • Photo Gallery: Fixed bug occasionally affecting width in slide view in narrow columns in new brand.
  • Photo: Fixed an issue where a user would be unable to upload to the Photo component if it did not already have an image.
  • Event List: Fixed an issue that would cause event list to show date block even when hide option was selected.
  • Error Pages: Footer accessibility link has been adjusted to go to the correct site. Bugs in the title and footer colors have been fixed.
  • Header: Blue and gray theme of "Affiliated, Sponsored, Endorsed" brands theme now has a white line below the UB logo
  • Workflow Emails: CC and BCC addresses specified in workflow steps were being ignored and are now added to messages correctly.
  • Button: The keyboard focus outline for blue buttons was blue and therefore hard to see. The focus outline for blue buttons is now orange.


  • SSL: Added site-wide redirect to SSL. Turn this new checkbox in page properties on if you have tested that your pages work with SSL/https and want all users redirected to use SSL all the time. Individual pages can still be overridden.
  • Body Text and most components with a rich text editor: Links with no content (invisible and difficult to spot/remove in the rich text editor) are now suppressed to prevent accessibility warnings.
  • Group Manager Tool (pilot): Several small UI adjustments.
  • Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs now look good and meet contrast accessibility requirements in the footer in the new brand, but are still only recommended on a case-by-case basis.
  • Profiles: Profile master pages can now be requested from a workflow. Each CMS area can define their own groups to approve master pages.


  • Accessibility: The site's title is used in the Header component as an H1 on home pages. This can be turned off, or on for other pages, in page properties.
  • Photo Gallery: Improved keyboard accessibility.
  • Collapsible Grid: Improved keyboard accessibility.
  • SlideDeck: Vertical: Improved keyboard accessibility.
  • List Builder: Fixed "Display as: Grid" affecting the size of thumbnails in any subsequent lists on the page.
  • Photo Gallery: Multiple photo galleries can now be used on the same page without setting an explicit ID in the dialog box for each.
  • Maps: Fixed an issue causing the map to be blank when used in collapsible content.
  • Page Properties: If an image is missing alt text, the dialog box will automatically switch to that tab.
  • Group Manager Tool (pilot): Added "manager" groups for all groups.
  • Header: Fixed text wrapping issue in Safari in Services/Events/Initiatives layout.



  • SlideDeck: Horizontal: Fixed a big that could add extra padding below a horizontal slide deck in Safari.
  • Accessibility: Improved visibility of keyboard focus outline with "flying" animation.
  • Collapsible Content: Focusing collapsible content titles from the keyboard (tabbing) now automatically expandes the content.
  • Permissions Pilot: Several minor improvements to group management tool.
  • Mobile Menu: Fixed a bug that could cause a site's mobile menu to be empty if that site was set to be hidden in the parent page's mobile menu.
  • List Builder: Fixed issue that caused lists to be out of order when starting with a lower case letter.
  • Profiles: Fixed a bug that caused profile master pages to display a only a blank page while editing in shared content
  • Mobile Menu: Fixed a bug where "Search" label was displaying in mobile view when search was expanded.


  • Permissions (pilot): Initial pre-pilot rollout of tools for managing group membership. Also, the storage path of groups within /home/groups is being rearranged. This should have no noticeable impact.
  • Dynamic List: "Clear" and "Clear All" links have been added to facets in dynamic list.
  • Tabs: Tab components now support shared content "host mode."
  • Carousel, Full-Width Carousel, and SlideDeck: Horizontal: These components are now more accessible with the keyboard. Tabbing through content traverses each slide, rather than focusing the previous and next arrows.
  • Accessibility: When navigating the page by keyboard (tabbing), the focus outline now has improved contrast over dark blue and gray backgrounds, and is visible in more places.
  • Accessibility: Misc minor improvements for accessibility and removal of false-positives in WAVE testing.
  • Profile: Fixed bug preventing use of profiles in Display as: Full Content lists.



  • Header (new brand): A new "Identity" option with alternate header layout is available for service/initiative/event sites that should not use the official brand extension or sub-brand.
  • Accessibility: Search and Audience Nav ("Info For") are now accessible via the keyboard (tabbing).
  • Accessibility/performance: The mobile menu is no longer loaded unless RWD display is triggered. This was triggering multiple "redundant link" accessibility warnings and also not great for performance.
  • Event List: The year 2017 was fixed in the event template, but now correctly uses the actual year.


  • Tabs: Tabs behavior is temporarily being reverted back to the old page-reloading behavior. The change we launched that allows for switching tabs without a complete page reload completely breaks On This Page components within tabs or on the same page. We will fix this and re-launch with a fix in a few weeks.
  • Event Lists: Minor refinements to event list component for new calendar.
  • Footer: Updated link to "Accessibility" in all standard footers.


  • Accessibility: Updated new-brand color palette for improved contrast/legibility. Many colors have been tweaked a little. The most visible change is probably the orange and green buttons.
  • Accessibility: Many components have been tweaked for improved accessibility. Fixes include removing/joining some redundant links, adding alternate text for icons, improving form labels and legends, restructuring use of <H_> heading tags. See yesterday's special notice about potential breaking changes if you have recreated UBCMS components with HTML snippets or external embeds, or if you include the live UBCMS CSS stylesheet in another site.
  • On This Page: Many title-ish items had been accidentally included in On This Page lists. Now only real Title components and titles from Collapsible components show in On This Page lists. This does not apply when using a custom selector.
  • Title: When using shared content, multiple Title components on the same page often had the same ID. This was invalid HTML and also prevented these titles from working correctly in On This Page lists and other links directly to the title within the page. This is prevented now, with "-1", "-2", etc. appended to IDs that would have been repeated. This should not break any existing links, as the links would have gone to the first occurrence of a given ID on the page, which will not change.
  • Collapsible: Collapsible components did not have an ID by default, preventing them from working correctly in On This Page lists unless an explicit ID was given. They now have IDs by default, and the IDs are prevented from repeating as with the Title
  • Event List: New feed ID and new/old calendar switch have been made visible to all users, and a "site" parameter has been added to the new "External" tab for use with JSMBS and other non-main-calendar event feeds. The next code deploy in a couple weeks will adjust the Event List dialog box to its final state, removing obsolete old-calendar-only options and removing the ability to toggle between old and new calendar.
  • Authoring Uploads: Uploads within Download, Photo, and other components allowing uploading of images and documents are now limited to 50 MB. Uploads within the DAM are not limited, but use of UBCMS for distributing very large files is inefficient and discouraged.
  • Dynamic List: Copied some missing "Display as" options from the normal List Builder dialog to the Dynamic List.
  • Profiles: Improved display in narrow columns.
  • Profiles: Profile template description in "New Page" is now more informative.
  • Profiles: Profiles and master pages are only listed in the "New Page" dialog when in a recommended path.
  • Profiles: Lists of profile master pages now show post-nominal titles.
  • Profiles: Lists of profiles or master profiles now respect the open in new window option.
  • Profiles: Fixes a bug in profile pages that could have caused some titles to be missing.
  • Profiles: A master page is automatically created in /content/authoritative/profiles when a new profile page is added. If the title of the profile or master page changes, its pair is also updated.
  • List Builder: Rolled back fix for empty lists in preview mode showing placeholders. This was causing some issues with collapsible content editing. We will re-evaluate this.
  • Site Organization: Specific folders are now automatically kept in alphabetical order, such as the list of www.buffalo.edu sites and profile master pages.
  • Photo: There is now a large warning (in author mode only) when an image has no alt text. This is only possible if an image has been created by drag-and-drop without ever opening the dialog box.



  • Tabs: Switching tabs now happens without reloading the page. Individual tabs are still bookmarkable/linkable at the same URLs as before.
  • Profiles: Profile pages now automatically scan for street/building addresses and link to the UB map.
  • External Embed: The user's IP address is now sent to the embedded application in the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header.
  • News Article Teaser: News article teasers in shared content now require alt text if they override the teaser photo.
  • Accessibility: Small accessibility fixes for new brand header and social icon buttons.
  • List Builder: Lists built with "Search" should now be much faster.
  • User Admin: Words in the user/group search starting with "-" could take a very long time and slow down the system. The "-" is now edited out of these searches.


  • List Builder: There is a new option, "Limit by date" under "Advanced list options" that can be used to exclude content posted more than a certain number of years ago, such as old news stories.
  • List Builder: With Build list using "Search," special characters like "&", "|" and "-" are now removed from the search query behind the scenes. These characters were not affecting the search results, but did make the search take a lot longer. There should be no visible changes from this.
  • Profiles: Several display and data tweaks for profiles.
  • Page Properties: Alt text for images uploaded into page properties is no longer optional (unless no photo is uploaded at all). Alt text can also be added now (and is required) when an image is uploaded to shared content page properties.
  • Key Tasks: Fixed key tasks component in mobile when used with an image instead of a slideshow.
  • Title: Fixed title formatting on mobile devices when used in fourth column of home page.
  • Title: Blank space only can no longer be entered as the title. This would cause the component to disappear and be uneditable. A blank title still shows the page title.
  • List Builder: With Display as: Full Content, the list is now still editable even if the list ends up empty.
  • Event List: Features have been added to the event list component to allow UC to prepare for the new calendar. There should be no visible changes to most users from this.
  • Email: Adjusted email settings to continue outgoing email (forms, etc.) after restricted UB mail server security is in effect. There should be no visible changes from this.

Also, over the next couple of days we will be installing a new index that should improve the performance of List Builder components with lists built using "Search."



  • List Builder: New "Display as" option, "Links: Grouped by Title," which shows subheadings for the first letter of each title.
  • List Builder: New "Display as" option, "Links: Medium Call to Action," which shows each list item similar to the medium-style Call to Action component.
  • List Builder: New "Display in Columns" advanced option to split the list into 2-4 columns.
  • Collapsible Content Container (new brand only): Titles and icons have been enlarged to match Call to Action title and icon sizes.
  • Page Properties: Image tab: Alt text is now required when uploading an image to the Image tab of Page Properties. This text is used when the image is displayed as a teaser on another page.
  • Carousel (new brand only): Carousels now adjust their height to match the height of each item as it is displayed. There is a minimum height of 4-5 lines of text.
  • Full Width Carousel (new brand only): Updated formatting in desktop and RWD mode, including showing teaser body information. Also, now works in non-full-width columns, and has the choice of gray or white background.
  • Collapsible Grid: Adding a link fragment like "#3" on a link to a page with a Collapsible Grid component will start the grid with that item expanded.
  • Redirects: Redirect pages (and normal pages with a redirect set in page properties) were redirecting with a 302 status code and now use a 301 status code, which is better for SEO and matches what vanity URLs have been doing.
  • Flex Module: "Open in new window" now also affects the "See more" button.
  • Profiles (new brand only): Minor tweaks to profile formatting.
  • Table (new brand only): Links in header cells were are now formatted correctly.
  • Fonts: Sofia Medium Bold has been replaced with a slightly different version of the font.
  • Title (new brand only): Titles used in home page columns are now formatted correctly in RWD.
  • Body Text (new brand only): Body Text used in home page columns is now formatted correctly.
  • Event List (new brand only): Fixed formatting of empty events list message.
  • List Builder (new brand only): Fixed formatting of empty list message.




  • Reports: New "Inbound Link Report" for listing UBCMS pages that link to a given page or URL.
  • Reports: New "Outbound Link Report" for listing everything a page or site links to.
  • Move Tool: Move page tool now blocks use of inappropriate characters -- spaces !@#$%, etc -- as the New Page tool does and as it did in AEM 5.6.
  • Copy Tool: Copy page tool in Sidekick now includes the current page location as the default as it did in AEM 5.6.
  • Text Field (forms): Removed "Date" as a constraint/requirement for validating european-style date formatting. Very few authors using this have been notified. "US Date" is still available to match typical date formats.
  • Forms: "required" marker on forms in new brand mode is now aligned correctly
  • Find and Replace tool (in site admin toolbar): Did not search in directory entry components, but now does.
  • Fat Footer: Divider component in fat footer in new brand mode is now dotted, not dashed.
  • Slidedeck: Horizontal: Fixed slidedeck margin top on home page in new brand.
  • Key tasks: Fixed key tasks top margin on home page in new brand.
  • Body Text: Body text used in right column is now correct font size in new brand.
  • Title: Heading 4 is now correct size in right column in new brand.
  • Launches: Navigation and breadcrumbs now displays correctly in newly created launches.
  • Header: Added <label> to search input for improved accessibility.


  • PHeader (new brand only): Social buttons are now displayed in the RWD menu. Title links are now displayed in RWD. All header styles (gray, white) are now blue in the new brand header. The "Skip to Content" link is re-styled in the new brand.
  • Footer: The "Fat Footer Container" has been renamed "Footer" in the sidekick, and in new brand mode now automatically includes a simple footer below the fat footer. Existing sites have been adjusted to keep consistent with the old behavior.
  • Profiles: Profile images are now square, plus other minor display adjustments and fixes have been made.
  • Breadcrumbs (new brand only): Breadcrumbs were constrained to a single line but now wrap as needed.
  • Image gallery (new brand only): In RWD, the image gallery was always a fixed height, now its height depends on the screen width of the device (fixed aspect ratio).
  • Column Control (new brand only): Content moved to the left to fill in empty columns but now stays in place even if columns are empty.
  • Google XML site map: Checking "Hide in Google XML site map" in page properties did not work, but now hides the page (and children) in the XML site map.
  • YouTube Video: The "Full Screen" button was disabled while playing videos in most browsers, but is now enabled.
  • Key Tasks (new brand only): Spacing has been added above the key tasks component.
  • SlideDeck: Horizontal (new brand only): Spacing has been added above the SlideDeck: Horizontal component.
  • Footer: Links in the copyright section of the footer are now underlined, making them clearer and more accessible.
  • Red "Required" label on form fields was misaligned and is now fixed.
  • Page Layout (new brand only): When changing the screen from wide to narrow items in the left column in some cases would move to the bottom of the page (correct RWD behavior), but would then move back to the right column when the page width was expanded. These items now move back to the left column correctly.
  • Audio Player (new brand only): The audio player component is re-styled for the new brand.
  • Accessibility: The page's <html> tag now has a lang="en" attribute to identify English language content.
  • Accessibility: "alt" and "title" attributes have been added to YouTube video components
  • Flex Module (new brand only): In some list styles when used in a Flex Module in the left column, a strange background pattern was showing that has now been removed.
  • Intro Text (new brand only): Links were not wrapping correctly (display: inline-block) but have been fixed.
  • Title (new brand only): Spacing has been added above "Heading 4" style titles.



  • Profiles: improved display in list and profile views


  • UB Alert header: adjusted for new brand.
  • SlideDeck: Vertical: adjusted for new brand. 
  • Fix for task nav in mobile menu crowding together in new brand.
  • Fix for left flex module title and related links underline on hover color not matching text color in new brand.
  • Fix for call-to-action with no link not showing any text in new brand.
  • Allow "-" in formstack domain names.
  • Fix for top nav hover animation in safari in new brand.

NB. From 6:20 AM to 6:54 AM, requests for non-cached published Web pages received a "502" or "503" error page.



  • New Brand (pilots only): adjustments to profiles and profile report.
  • Authenticated Published Pages: This is a partial fix for “-pw” pages broken since November. Also, after this change, short user and group names can be used in the page properties box “Authenticated Published Pages” list of users and groups.


  • New Brand (pilots only): a few fixes to the new brand look and feel.
  • New Brand (pilots only): the old tabs component now works again in the new brand. The look is updated to match the new tabs. There is a warning when in author mode to upgrade to the new tabs component. The old tabs will remain available in the new brand mode until all profile migrations are complete.
  • Profiles: There is a new profile report available for users of the new profile shared content system.


  • New Brand (pilots only): many fixes and features for new brand look and feel and profiles.
  • New Brand (pilots only): The separate "New" Slidedeck: Horizontal component for new brand is no longer necessary; the normal Slidedeck: Horizontal will adjust its display to the new one when in new brand mode. Any use of the "new" slidedeck since it was created last week will not be disrupted.
  • Column Control: Two new "experimental" layouts are available in 9-column pages (e.g. Two Column - Wide on Right) and shared content. These layouts are experimental because they use non-standard widths and not all components have been tested with them.
  • Shared Content Reference: A bug was preventing the same content from being included in different reference components twice on the same page. This has been fixed.


  • New Brand (pilots only): fixes and features for new brand look and feel and profiles.
  • Social Button component: wordpress, instagram, snapchat and pinterest are now available (new and old brand).


  • New Brand (pilots only): more progress implementing the new brand will be visible in preview mode, including header buttons, social link icons, key tasks, new horizontal slidedeck, and new fonts.



  • New Brand (pilots only): more progress implementing the new brand will be visible in preview mode, including more header options, completion of audience nav and search in top nav, and updates to the full width carousel, normal carousel, and collapsible grid.


  • New Brand (pilots only): more progress implementing the new brand will be visible in preview mode, including buttons, shared content, print styles, and RWD (mobile). Many things are still not finished, such as info for/about/search/buttons in the header and top nav, full-width carousel, slidedecks, key tasks, and collapsible grid.


  • Dynamic List: using a malformed path like “/content//shared” as the list path caused problems on the server. This is now fixed.
  • DAM Assets: assets with multiple pages or slides were triggering thumbnails to be generated on every page, in some cases overwhelming the server. This has been disabled. One thumbnail per asset is still created.
  • New Brand (pilots only): many more components are implemented and adjusted in the new brand preview mode, including navigation, text, teasers and callouts. Many things are still in progress (buttons, top nav elements, slideshows, RWD and more).



  • Move pages tool: The 'Republish' column of the Move page tool is now unchecked by default. Authors are advised to only re-publish pages they are sure are safe to re-publish (i.e. do not have unfinished changes in progress). More communication on this will follow.
  • Code in several places has been adjusted to more carefully close repository session (i.e. database connections). This is not expected to have any noticeable changes, but should end the problems necessitating weekly restarts and thus occasional backed-up activation queue statuses.


  • Tabs and Key Tasks components: These components were in testing and are now fully released and available under the “More Components” section of the sidekick.
  • Photo component: The alt text field in the dialog box will no longer allow only whitespace (spaces, returns) as valid alt text. If your image does not need alt text please check the box confirming this.
  • Tabs component: added reference editor link (“Go to source of…”) and fixed bug when switching tabs on a host page.
  • Slideshow: Alt tags are provided in more cases.
  • DAM admin metadata editor: A field has been added specifically for alt text for images. This is currently used as the alt text in the Photo Slideshow (or the title is used if this is blank). This may be used in more cases in the future.