Below are all the patches, updates and improvements made to the UBCMS in 2018.



  • Shared Content Reference: HTML, JS, and CSS files (possibly created with CRXDE or WebDAV) can now be included by the shared content reference component.
  • External Embed: The default "Rewrite limit" setting for new components is changed to "Off". In a future release, existing External Embed components that do not appear to be accessing more than one server may have their rewrite limit changed to "Host" to prevent unexpected site crawling activity and limit SSRF potential.
  • Host mode: A situation where certain content included by shared content references ended up with two ".host.html" components in the path has been fixed.  


  • Search: As previously announced, the Search component will be replaced with new code, new results back-end, and a new UI. It is a drop-in replacement for the old component (functionally equivalent) unless you have customized your search results page. Search results are now indexed and ranked by a different product/algorithm and may be a bit different, but general SEO best practices still apply.
  • Footer: The UB logo is now clickable in the footer (links to the UB home page)



  • Footer: Links to www.buffalo.edu, privacy policy and accessibility policy now use HTTPS if you are on HTTPS.
  • Touch UI (Pilot): Page properties now work in Touch UI, except for settings involving images (teaser, social teaser, background).
  • UB Mobile App: The redirect page template is now available as a choice when making a new page under /content/mobile



  • YouTube Video: A start time can now be added to youtube videos to start playback at a point other than the beginning of the video.



  • Analytics: Standard "UB Analytics" will be automatically included on every page, but can be opted out of on a page-by-page basis in Page Properties. This replaces ad-hoc inclusion of the main "" GTM tag. Other analytics code will not be affected.
  • List: A bug in the List Builder dialog's "Tags" tab that caused the wrong tags and paths to be shown in the dialog box fields when editing a second list on the page has been fixed.
  • Activate Later: Activate later was giving an error message for most users, but should now work.  


  • Carousels: Carousels, Full-width Caousels and Horizontal SlideDecks should now appear to load faster. Additional slides beyond the first visible ones are no longer visible during loading and the page layout should "jump" less as they load.
  • Events: Event lists with no events showing will now use the "no event" text supplied in the dialog box before using the "no event" text configured in the event feed (this was taking priority before).
  • Site Launch: A new setting in page properties allows sites to be blocked by search engines until they are ready to be searchable. This setting is enabled for all live sites not, but will be disabled for new sites and enabled as part of the site launch process.
  • Dynamic List: The dynamic list dialog should now open large enough to edit the list of tags with long names.
  • Photo Gallery: In Firefox, when focusing the left/right arrows by tabbing, the focus outline no longer goes off the left side of the page.  



  • Accessibility: The left column HTML will now be output before the center column HTML to make source order more consistent with visual order and improve keyboard navigation (tab order) on all pages. This change was detailed in a separate message.
  • Body Text: reversing order of applying bold and link styles together no longer produces different font sizes
  • Groups: Groups used to control permissions over other groups are now titled "<Site Name> Group Managers" instead of just "<Site Name> Managers".



  • Rich Text Editor: Super/subscript buttons added last week to text editors worked only in editor view due to some code accidentally being left out of the deployment. Super/subscript is now actually visible on the page.
  • Spell Check: Fixed spell check misspelling highlighting misaligned after any apostrophe character in the editor.


  • Rich Text Editors: Super/subscript buttons have been added to Body Text, and other rich text editors.
  • Social Buttons: Social buttons can now be used in main body, sidebar and home page columns.
  • SlideDeck: Horizontal: In "Hero" mode the image is no longer distorted when the window is wider than 1600px.
  • List: With "Display as: Grid" images are now clickable.
  • HTTPS: Pages marked "Prevent SSL (HTTP only)" in page properties are now correctly redirecting to http when accessed from https.
  • External Embed: Changes to Rewrite Limit now affect existing links, not just new links generated by the embed. For example, previously-generated links through the embed to an outside host will now stop working if the rewrite limit is changed from "No Limit" to "Host" or "Off".
  • User Report: Report now works again when showing all users/groups.
  • List: Unpredictable "jcr:created" sort order is removed as a suggestion for ordering.
  • Tab components in shared content now correctly use the host page set on the tabs



  • HTTPS: Fixed an issue where links on https pages to other UBCMS domains (e.g. linking from https://www.buffalo.edu/... to https://engineering.buffalo.edu/...) would not work.
  • Top Nav: Implemented supported version of "Jumbo Top Nav" in use as a pilot on a few sites. Documentation and migration to the official version to come...
  • Link Checker: Fixed an issue were in some cases, broken links in author had an opening indicator that the link was broken and no closing indicator.
  • Accessibility: News list teasers now use alt text from page correctly.
  • Events List: Created new Events List component report.
  • Callout: Icon on yellow callout is now dark grey for increase contrast (accessibility).
  • Header: Long site title no longer interfers with hovering/clicking buttons on the right side of the header.
  • List: Fixed some inconsistent behavior in fixed lists for links beginning with "//".


  • List: Randomization is now more random.
  • Report: CSV download link is now working in all browsers
  • Host mode: Host mode was not working for host pages that were absolute URLs instead of repository paths.
  • List (including list-based components, like slidedecks): Fixed some cases in curated list where "TITLE NOT PROVIDED" was showing for mostly blank list items.
  • User/Group Report: Fixed an issue where sometimes the report configuration dialog box would get deadlocked and run forever on the server.
  • UB Mobile app: "Form spam prevention" setting in forms on mobile app was leaving  "Leave this field blank" spam field visible. This is now hidden.
  • UB Mobile app: Maps now load correctly.
  • A fix for RSS feeds was launched as well. All feeds should begin updating automatically again.



  • Password-protected published pages: Due to a bug we are working with Adobe on, pages that require authentication (only the root pages of the authentication, with "-pw" in the name) cannot have more than one vanity URL. Vanity URLs other than the first one will be ineffective on these pages with authentication settings.
  • On This Page: Titles inside Content Optimization Containers will now show in On This Page components.
  • Redirect Pages: Redirect pages no longer add /content/... to the redirected URL. This only affected redirect pages visited by direct URL or vanity URL, not in UBCMS links to redirect pages.
  • Flex Module: Flex modules with just a title (no other content) have less space after the title now, so they can be used as an accessible, standard-looking standalone module title.
  • SlideDeck: Horizontal: Links in the body/teaser text are now rendered with the correct color.
  • RAVE/CAP: Posts from RAVE should no longer take so long when an error occurs. Also, repeated posts of the exact same alert will not produce multiple "feed" pages.


  • List: Curated lists with text and no links now render as they did before the 6.3 upgrade.
  • Downloads: File downloads within text and lists, and download components now have improved text for screen reader software. A screen reader will read "Download" and the file type, such as "Download PDF".
  • Banner pages: Pages with a "banner" area were displaying correctly, but fixed a bug preventing new components from being added to the banner.
  • Group Tool: Searching/filtering the Group Manager Tool is now case insensitive.
  • Banner pages: Content in the "banner" area is no longer used in teasers if the banner content is in pages that do not render the banner (for example, if the page is changed from a banner to non-banner page).
  • Print: Improvements have been made to formatting when printing the page.
  • Table: The table caption (recommended for accessibility and available in the table properties dialog box) is now styled consistently with the UB look and feel.


  • Footer: Fixed components could not be added to footer columns from sidekick
  • Collapsible Grid: Fixed image thumbnails were distorted/stretched
  • HTTPS: When redirecting to https, /content/<domain>/ should no longer be inserted into links.

These updates were planned for this morning, but will be released with the next deployment:

  • Search: Fixed some search results listings not working since 6.3 upgrade.
  • Form: To improve accessibility, form field labels can no longer be left blank.


  • Forms: Stored form data could not be viewed. The "Bulk Editor" tool has been replaced with a streamlined tool for viewing stored form data. The new tool can be reached the same way, by clicking "View Data" in the form. Any bookmarks to viewing data the old way will need to be updated.
  • Accessibility: To improve HTML and CSS validation, there have been some minor HTML and CSS changes. These changes will not affect any pages using only standard components, however, in the past, some authors have reported that minor HTML and CSS changes like this have affected page customizations.
    • most <script> tags no longer contain the outdated type="text/javascript" attribute
    • aria-labeledby in top navigation is now spelled correctly
    • role=navigation has been moved from <ul> to <div> in breadcrumbs
    • Google Map, Youtube Video and Recaptcha <iframe> presentational attributes have been moved to CSS
    • angularjs attributes in Tabs have been prefixed with "data-"
    • several validation errors in clientlibs.css introduced by minifcation have been corrected



  • Accessibility: Added a small script tag to all pages to enable Siteimprove "Priority" -- https://siteimprove.com/product/content/priority/
  • Footer: In 4- and 6-column mode, empty columns were skipped/collapsed in preview and live sites. Now they display as expected.



  • Events: Now that events from the old calendar system have been removed from UBCMS, we will be removing old event options from the Event component dialog box and trimming out other parts that have already been disabled.
  • Highlight Template: Fixed an issue where highlight templates in a list may link directly to shared content instead of using the configured host page. (D8871) (Note, this was rolled back on 1/19, and is now fixed.)


  • Events: As announced over the past several weeks, the old UB Events calendar will be disabled. Any Event components still using the old calendar will see a large warning in author mode and will be invisible in published pages.
  • Photo: Fixed a bug writing empty alt tags when there was no alt text and alt text was not marked as required. This will make images that need alt text but have none show up in WAVE and other reports so they can be noticed and fixed.
  • Article Tools: When the print button is the only thing in the Related Asset column, it now has a simplified display.
  • Reports: Resolved issue creating reports where reports were created, but with incorrect permissions.
  • Left Nav: Fixed bug where focusing (via keyboard tabbing) and hovering on a left nav item at the same time showed a strange outline.
  • Column Control: Fixed issue where a column control placed on a shared content page could cause the page to not render properly when referenced.
  • Footer: Breadcrumbs are now available in the sidekick to be added to new brand footers.
  • DAM: In the DAM admin/editor, the Descrption field now has descriptive text reminding that the description is shown in Image Gallery captions.
  • News Shared Content Template: Fixed an issue that would not allow the default image on a news template to be edited.
  • Photo Gallery: The Photo Gallery is now displaying correctly again in the latest version of Firefox.
  • Calendar: Added option for new "Facilities" calendar.


  • ROLLED BACK // Highlight Template: Fixed an issue where highlight templates in a list may link directly to shared content instead of using the configured host page.