Below are all the patches, updates and improvements made to the UBCMS in 2019.



  • Photo Component and other components with a Photo (highlight, news teaser, etc.) - When editing a photo, the prompt to double check alt text should only show if the photo is changed. Also, where a photo is optional, alt text is now correctly only be required when a photo is present.
  • Search - Fixed a bug where sort/limit filter menus could go behind the page header.
  • Twitter - The "twitter:card" meta tag value is now changed to make UBCMS pages attached to tweets show larger preview images.
  • Workflow - The "jcr:title" metadata field is now available for use in templates of emails sent by workflow steps.



  • Sidekick: Moved a few Top-Level-Web prototype components to "Experimental" group, and added "TEST" to all experimental components.
  • Button Component: Fixed a bug where editing some buttons would cause them to temporarily disappear from the page.



  • Photo: Photos that are links or zoomable now require alt text (using a caption or checking the "Alt text not required" is not enough). This prevents accessibility errors of links with no text.
  • Flex Module: Alt text is now required (and correctly added to the page) when a flex module has a video in place of a photo.
  • Google Site Map: The generated Google-format sitemap now excludes any links that are not a descendent of the URL used to generate the sitemap. Outside links are ignored by Google and trigger a warning.


  • Photo component: Photos marked "Allow zoom" now create a gallery of all the zoomable photos on the page. Basically when you zoom in on a photo there are next and previous images images to go right to other zoomed photos on the page. There is no new dialog box configuration for this; it happens automatically when there is more then one zoomable photo on a page.
  • Page Report: Three new settings have been added as columns in the page report: No Index, Require/Prevent SSL and Require SSL Site-Wide. (Note: The SSL settings themselves still do not work reliably, but we hope to fix that in the next few weeks.)



  • lazy load - We will make the image lazy-load changes that were rolled back last week live again. The webp changes will not be made live, as we believe that part of the change was responsible for the server instability.


    • WebP and lazy load: webp-format images will be available to supported browsers. Images will also support 'lazy loading,' where images that are not initially visible are not loaded until they are needed. This includes normal photo components, as well as most slideshows and carousels. Each of these should improve the load time of image-heavy pages.


  • Specialist Components: The Specialist Components sidekick group has been renamed Developer Components. The Content Optimization Container has been moved to the More Components section. All components still work as-is and are still available to everyone; this is just a naming change.
  • Page Properties: Image in page properties (used in teasers/lists) now has a checkbox to allow empty alt text. Use this if the teaser image is decorative and does not convey essential content.
  • Youtube Playlist: Added a limit option to display only the first videos from a playlist.
  • YouTube Video: Start time of video is no longer ignored when video is shown in a popup on the page.
  • Hero Slidedeck: Fixed an issue where the images overlapped the rest of the page while loading and then was fixed when finished loading. The slideshow is the correct height during loading now.
  • Photo: Zoom caption can now be rich text (bold, links, etc.)
  • Tabs: New 'Accessible tab name prefix' field adjusts the visible tab name with text that is only visible to screen readers. This solves the accessibility issue where there may exist multiple tab components on the same page that have tabs (links) with duplicate names.



  • Slidedeck: Horizontal: A jitter in the height of the hero-sized (full screen width) slidedeck during loading has been cleaned up.
  • Horizontal Scrollbars: A fix has been put in place for an issue that caused a horizontal scroll bar to appear on all pages for some browsers.


  • Photo: An issue saving alt text in some situations has been fixed.
  • Horizontal Slidedeck: An issue with a slide with a video but no link was fixed.
  • Header: A warning from some accessibility tools about no alt text on the UB logo in the header was fixed.



  • Formstack: When submitting a formstack form, the page will now be scrolled back to the top to make the follow-up message more noticeable. Note, this only works with forms embedded with the formstack component, not with formstack forms using a plain HTML snippet component.
  • Call to Action: Added 'Additional Label Text' to allow for screen-reader-only text within links to help with accessibility.
  • Social Buttons: Fixed how social button titles are read in Firefox by JAWS.


  • Button: Added "Additional Label Text" field for additional text to be spoken by screen readers to give context to repetitive buttons on the same page.
  • Social Buttons: Instagram icon has been updated to a more recent version of their logo.
  • Header and Footer: CSS classes specified in page properties in header and footer config pages are now added around the header and footer elements of the pages using those headers and footers.



  • Photo: Alt text is no longer required if a caption is entered.
  • Photo and Flex Module: These components now remind authors to double-check alt text when the image is changed.
  • Flex Module: Alt text is now used correctly on videos in flex modules.
  • Related Video: A new alt text field is available (and required).


  • Photo: Checking the "This image does not require alt text" checkbox now also removes any alt text that is entered (images with the box checked will always have no alt text output). This is clarified in the dialog box text.
  • Photo: A period and space are now added at the end of any alt text that does not already end with punctuation. (This is not visible in the dialog box.) This increases the clarity with which a screen reader reads the page.
  • File Download: MP3 files used in a file download component now have their own icon
  • Tabs: There was a bug that made links to pages with tab components with specific tabs selected just go to the first tab instead. This is fixed, and links that were added before should be working now without needing any updates.
  • Photo Teaser: An option to show or hide the image border has been added. New Photo Teasers will have "hide border" as the default, but existing ones will continue to show the border.
  • Header: On headers with the "Services/Initiatives/Events" style (with the words "University at Buffalo" below the UB logo rather than at the top of the page to the right of the logo), the logo is now properly highlighted when using the tab key to select links on the page.
  • Faces and Voices and News templates: Only a subset of tags were available in the tags dialog box at the bottom of the page template. All tags were always available in page properties. Now all tags are also available in the dialog box at the bottom of the page.  



  • Profile (not eCV): In mobile view, accessibility errors for repeated Call, Email and Profile links with the same titles have been fixed.
  • Improved Emoji support: Emoji characters can be pasted into editor fields and used consistently in most places, including text, titles and navigation
  • Photo: Empty on unconfigured Photo components no longer show gray boxes on published sites.
  • List Builder: Lists configured as "Display as: Teasers: With Images" no longer show a placeholder image (gray box) when no image is available.
  • List Builder: The titles of "Previous" and "Next" buttons on paginated lists can now be adjusted, which can help solve accessibility issues with multiple links with the same text.
  • Profile (not eCV): Removed "Show more"/"Show less" links that have led to accessibility issues. Profiles are always expanded now.
  • Search Results: Search Results components configured to show results on the page they are on no longer create a redirect loop.  



  • Faces and Voices: Links in faces and voices modules now have blue coloring like in other text.
  • Photo Gallery: Accessible alt and link text was being left out in some views and is now added in all cases.
  • Links: Fixed a bug stripping ":80" out of URLs even if the actual port was something like ":8080".



  • Google Maps: Maps drawn in small columns (in column control, home page columns or right sidebar columns) now use the Google Maps "Embed" API rather than the "JavaScript" API. Larger maps (center column and wider) have always used the "Embed" API and have not been changed. This change was made for consistency, and because Google has begun charging for use of the JavaScript API. The Embed API renders the map UI slightly differently, though it is basically equivalent or a slight improvement. Any HTML/CSS customizations to the small map might break.
  • Top Nav + Breadcrumbs Accessibility: Links in breadcrumbs and top nav menus are now labeled with the section title and page title. This will prevent "Link text used for multiple different destinations" SiteImprove accessibility errors caused by pages in different sections (menus) with the same page title.
  • Search: Suppressed some redundant content from header and nav from showing up in search result teasers/snippets.