Displaying Shared Content

Several components are useful for pulling Shared Content onto your pages, including the List Builder, and Shared Content Reference.

Best Practices for Using Content From Another Site

Shared Content that is intended for use throughout the university can be found in the University-Wide and Authoritative areas. However, you may also notice a piece of content on another unit's website, and we encourage you to first contact that unit before using their Shared Content page on your own site.

Before using Shared Content from another source, please consider these best practices.

Try One of These UBCMS Components

Create a wide variety of lists, teasers, or an entire reveal of other pages and shared content that can be built manually or automated by the UBCMS.
Build a list of news story teasers.
Display events from the UB Events Calendar on your page.
Combine a header, image, link and text all in one component.
Display content from another page within the UBCMS.

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