Hands-On Self-Paced Training

Self-paced, hands-on training provides participants with the opportunity to learn and practice using the UBCMS at their own pace.


  1. The participant's organization should have already convened an in-person overview session with University Communications. Check with your organization, or request a DCT orientation session.
  2. We ask participants to view the following online training module(s) before requesting a training account:

Training accounts are created in a separate environment that is not the real UBCMS. Any content created in the training environment cannot be transferred to real websites.

These sites are provided for 30 days and will then be removed, to keep the server clean.

Self-paced Approach

This allows users to become familiar with the UB Content Management System (UBCMS) through a hands-on approach. It utilizes a copy of the regular UBCMS authoring environment, on our Training Server (https://ubcms-training.buffalo.edu). 

Through this training, participants will learn:

  • how to log in to the UBCMS
  • about the UBCMS interface
  • the basics of creating Web pages in the UBCMS
  • editing and modifying Web pages
  • how to use the various components available within the UBCMS
  • how to leverage the templates available in the UBCMS

Participants will be provided with a training account and can follow an activity reference guide to create and modify a mock Web page using the UBCMS.


Activity 1: Log into the UBCMS Training Environment
Activity 2: Exploring the Welcome Screen
Activity 3: Exploring the Websites console
Activity 4: Exploring Edit Mode
Activity 5: Exploring the Sidekick
Activity 6: Changing a Page Title
Activity 7: Active links in Edit Mode
Activity 8: Activating (publishing) a page
Activity 9: Renaming a Page
Activity 10: Creating a new page
Activity 11: Deleting Components
Activity 12: Undoing or redoing page edits
Activity 13: Adding a component to a page
Activity 14: Adding a Title component
Activity 15: Adding an Intro Text Component
Activity 16: Adding and formatting text in a Body Text component
Activity 17: Adding a Call to Action component
Activity 18: Creating a list in a Body Text component
Activity 19: What is Alt Text?
Activity 20: Adding a Photo component
Activity 21: Moving a component
Activity 22: Adding a File Download component
Activity 23: Adding a Divider component
Activity 24: Exploring Photo Component Options
Activity 25: Adding a Shared Content Reference component
Activity 26: Adding an On This Page component
Activity 27: Adding a Callout component to the right sidebar
Activity 28: Adding a Video (YouTube) component
Activity 29: Create a list of child pages using the List Builder component (Child Pages)
Activity 30: Create a fixed list using the List Builder component (Fixed List)
Activity 31: Reordering pages
Activity 32: Deleting a page
Activity 33: Adding an image to the Digital Assets Manager

Related Resources:

This downloadable zip file contains the powerpoint presentation we use in class, plus a PDF copy of the class manual, and a folder with some extra files you will use to carry out the exercises in the manual.

Off Campus?

You must  be on a secure UB connection for this class using UB's VPN software.
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Online Documentation

Need additional help using the components?
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