Crop and Rotation of an Assets Image Do Not Stick (resolved)

Reviewed January 11, 2022

We believe this is now resolved.

The Issue

Authors using crop and rotate tools within the Assets Console may occasionally discover that their changes appear to work but are ultimately ignored when the image is refreshed. (This is for the crop-rotate-flip tools that are in the Assets Console, and not the tools within the photo component.)

This undesirable behavior will occur for older images in Assets, those that predate a change that was made in January 6, 2021 when the intermediate size for images was increased from 1280 to 1920. Older images (fixed at 1280) do not accept these changes.


This issue will not be reversed.

To use this tool you will need to replace the image with a newer version; e.g. download the image from Assets using the Command Menu, then re-upload it and over-write the existing version, or simply upload a new version.

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