Online Directory

UB has two online directories, one for people and one for departments. Both are searchable through UB's online search.

On this page:

People Directory

This directory appears in the People tab of a search and displays information from student records and employee personnel data.

Institutional Details

Multiple appointments or programs are shown merged, but in consistent order, separated by semi-colons; for example,

appointment 1; appointment 2
department 1; department 2
main address 1: main address 2
main phone 1; main phone 2

Submit questions about your student record through 1Capen.
Note: students can opt to hide their directory information from view under FERPA rules.

Submit questions about your employee record through your department's human resources officer.

User-Supplied Details

You can add additional information about yourself which is then shown preferentially at the top level of search returns and in the User-Supplied section by using the link to update your user-supplied information. Your changes will be visible immediately in, and within about an hour in the main directory.

Department Directory

This directory appears in the Departments tab of a search and displays authoritative contacts for university offices and services, including location, website, phone, fax and email address as provided by that office.

Each department manages their own entry(ies) using an online tool.

Authorized representatives will see a page entitled 'Your Entries' with tools to create, edit, and delete from the directory. Others will see a page with 'Unauthorized access' should they attempt to log in.

Email the directory support team if an entry is inaccurate or missing or you need to check the authorized representative.