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Find out what is included in a UB Content Management System (UBCMS) website, how to request a site for your department or organization and how to request the creation of specialized individual accounts for you and your Web team.
The UB Content Management System (UBCMS) is a Web-based application that allows you to organize, edit and deliver Web content. Review the pages below to learn how UBCMS is organized and get acquainted with basic system functions. Everyone has access to their websites, shared content and the Digital Assets Manager (DAM) area.
Build your pages based on the different types of content that you use.
Components are the building blocks of your Web page content. Learn about each component with these detailed instructions and live examples. To add a component to your page, drag the desired component from the Sidekick onto your page.   The Demo Site provides some examples of components and capabilities in use.
Templates allow you to build all the pages and shared content that are used to build your websites. Learn about each template with these detailed instructions and live examples. The Demo Site provides some examples of components and capabilities in use.
Enhance your site by employing these advanced techniques.
Site activation requests go into a queue, beginning a process that enables University Communications to review your new website to ensure that it is optimized before it goes live, a process that generally takes at least one week.
Responsive Web Design optimizes your site interface to whatever device each visitor is using. Your site automatically adjusts its layout and behavior so people using smaller screens (e.g. smart phones) can easily navigate your pages.
UBCMS sites can share selected pieces of content with one another, creating unprecedented opportunities for efficient communication and creative collaboration.
To stay effective, every UBCMS site's owner should regularly review their business strategy and site performance measures, and every page needs an assigned manager, appropriate subject matter experts, an established timetable for regular review, performance measures, and a workflow for any updates.

Review some problems we've identified and some of the ways to get around them.

The UB Content Management System (UBCMS) is constantly maturing as more websites are created using this tool. System updates and new feature releases are listed by date below.
Save time by starting your support request online and we'll connect you as quickly as we can to your answer.
University Communications uses for a historical view of UBCMS performance. The following reports for the UBCMS Publisher and Author environments are for illustrative purposes only.  

Read policies about creating and maintaining websites at UB.

Check out the live examples or experiment in our playground.