Advanced Topics

These features require advanced skill sets and strategic guidance.

  • 9/24/21
    UB follows state and federal mandates regarding universal accessibility.
  • 5/3/21
    Restrict access to your published pages. 
  • 11/4/20
    To promote efficient, consistent communication on all UB sites, select UBCMS content can be included on non-UBCMS sites. This is a pilot offered to select sites.
  • 4/12/21
    For a page that no longer exists, the error page is tailored to your site and audience.
  • 11/9/20
    Specialists can add additional component options to pages.
  • 4/12/21
    Use of Facebook Business Manager may require Facebook to verify your site's domain.
  • 4/12/21
    Restrict access to a page and its children, limiting who can view or make changes.
  • 4/22/21
    A local (site-wide) search is a standard UBCMS feature, common on larger or more complex sites.  
  • 7/26/21
    Many UB departments are using Slate to support their admissions process.
  • 11/6/20
    Provide your visitors and the UBCMS with a higher level of protections.
  • 6/22/21
    An XML-formatted sitemap is useful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).