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UB’s Event Calendar is the place to publish and find UB-affiliated activities.

the UB Events Calendar.

Hundreds of exciting events are held each year by UB's schools, departments and divisions. Once your event is planned, your next step should always be to add it to the UB Events Calendar. Once you do, it's easy to share your event on websites, social media, emails and more.

Your event is eligible to be published on the UB Events Calendar if it is sponsored by or affiliated with UB schools, departments or centers. Unaffiliated events will not be published. 

At UB, each unit assigns a Calendar Team Lead (often the Senior Communicator) who is responsible for approving calendar contributors, assigning roles and establishing and communicating the unit's standards and processes for event publication.

For help with the UB Events Calendar, please email the UC Calendar Team

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Calendar Permissions

Contributing Events

Only those authorized by unit Senior Communicators or Calendar Team Leads may contribute events to the UB Event Calendar.

How to get access to the UB Event Calendar will provide full instructions on securing permission to submit events.

Publishing Events

There is an important difference between submitting and event and publishing it.

All contributors are able to submit events, but only those with Unit Admin or Power Contributor permissions are able to publish events. 

If you have a Regular Contributor role (not able to publish events), your event must be approved and published by a Unit Admin in your unit. It is important for you to identify that person and make them aware that you have submitted an event, so they are able to publish it in a timely manner.

If you have a Unit Admin role, you are able approve and publish others' events, including those of individuals outside your business unit.

If you have a Power Contributor role, you are able to approve and publish your own events.

For Unit Admins and Power Contributors, it is VERY IMPORTANT to restrict your editing and approving to only those events for your units, submitted by your unit's contributors. Please DO NOT edit, approve or publish any event that does not belong to you.

To review, edit or approve and publish events

Sign in: Go to and scroll to the footer. Click Sign In and provide your UBITName and password. Return to the footer and click Manage.

Publish Your Events: Go to the Pending Approval tab, find your event and click Review, Approve or Deny. To review and possibly edit the event, choose Review. Then scroll to the bottom of the event and Publish the event to the calendar. To approve or deny multiple events, check the boxes next to the appropriate events, then use the Approve or Deny buttons to process those events all at once.

For answers to common questions about Approving and Publishing, visit the FAQ.

Feeds to UB Websites

Event feeds on all UBCMS websites were updated to drive unit- or topic-specific events to individual UB websites. These event feeds rely on the inclusion of specific combinations of keywords and other settings. For information on your unit's keywords, please contact your Feed Admin or submit a service request.

Feed Keywords

These are established by Calendar Team Leads and can only be modified by administrators. These special 'tags' are used to build custom feeds that display collections of events on unit websites.

When creating new events, only select Feed Keywords that are approved by your Senior Communicator or your Unit Web Leader; e.g. seas-event.

Questions or Service Requests?

Calendar Contributors and team members

  • Use this form to submit questions or service requests about the UB Events Calendar.
  • We will respond within two business days.

Please send questions about calendar events themselves to the contacts listed in that event.

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