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There’s a lot happening with the Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) and the UB Content Management System (UBCMS).

Whenever there’s something new to report, whether it’s an upcoming meeting that will be of interest to UBCMS users, or a new component being added, we’ll post about it here.

The UBCMS help team is constantly working to improve this site by creating and updating documentation. Recent changes are noted below. We plan to post regularly about these updates.
Some of your Web pages may call for content that requires the use of special characters, such as subscript, the copyright symbol or diacritical marks (umlaut, anyone?).
New functionality for several UBCMS components and other updates are all part of the latest fixes that went through, the first batch of the new year.
Do you know what tagging can do for your UBCMS site?
Do you or a member of your staff or department need training on the UB Content Management System (UBCMS)?
The old full-color campus maps will be replaced effective Nov. 14, 2014, at the request of Parking and Transportation Services. The new maps will include bus and shuttle routes.
University Communications and Enterprise Application Services are fine-tuning a number of new components to be added to the UB Content Management System (UBCMS) in the coming months.
Shared content is a powerful tool that allows you to steward your site more effectively and efficiently. This is because shared content is created and managed in one place, and can be used in many other places.
Tags are an excellent way to collate relevant news on your site. Knowing how to use them effectively can add depth and relevance to your site, while minimizing your stewardship footprint.
Want to ensure your site sails through optimization? The next Solutions Group meeting on July 17 will give you the pointers to do just that.
The UB Content Management System tool will be upgraded to Adobe CQ 5.6 on June 23 and 24.
YouTube is cracking down on copyrighted materials and is removing videos and even shutting down channels that use music or other assets without authorization of the copyright owner.
The UB Content Management System (UBCMS) will be upgraded to CQ 5.6 on June 23 and 24. There will be an outage of the Author environment for part of June 24.
As we look toward more sophisticated uses of the UBCMS, we will need to draw on servers and third party databases for managing our information.
More hands-on training dates have been set for the summer.  Space is limited, please reserve soon!
screen shot of Core Components
Your feedback is essential to the work that we do to constantly improve the UB Content Management System (UBCMS). We'd like to hear what you have to say about the Core Components section of the CQ5 sidekick.
Colorful image from the Center for Computational Research's Computer Visualization Laboratory.
A picture is worth a thousand messages.
screen shot of a form on the International Admissions website
Forms can play a pivotal role in the success of your website, especially if your unit accepts inquiries from prospective or current students and other customers.
screen shot of the new component
The improved Photo component is now available for use in the UB Content Management System (UBCMS) and features enhanced functionality, such as zoom, along with more photo width choices.
A webinar series being offered in October will provide Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) participants with the skills needed to measure the success of DCT websites.
UBCMS authors should be advised that tagged lists will no longer function exactly the same as they did in CQ 5.4.
CQ 5.5 screenshot showing the new look:
UB North Campus panorama with a green sign-in field.
University Communications has been working with its IT and academic partners across campus to implement an upgrade of the UB Content Management System (UBCMS) to Adobe CQ 5.5. The new version is anticipated to be ready for use late Friday afternoon.
Screenshot of UB homepage with banner alert.
Here’s a head’s up that we will be rolling out new functionality for the UB Alert banner. But first, what is it? It’s the red banner that appears at the top of a Web page whenever a UB Alert is posted. After nearly a year of functionality testing and tweaking, the UB Alert banner, which had previously been displayed only on the UB homepage, UB Reporter, and the Emergency website, will soon be rolled out to all UBCMS sites.
If you’ve been scratching your head about an issue you’re having with either server caching or overwriting a file in the DAM, take note: two additional “known issues” have been posted to the “Troubleshooting: Known Issues and Workarounds” page on the UBCMS help site.
In an effort to provide better consultation with campus units, University Communications is foregoing the monthly DCT orientation sessions that had been taking place. Instead, campus units that wish to join the DCT process are advised to fill out the Request a DCT Preparation Meeting form to schedule a one-on-one orientation with UC.
Screenshot of UB's newly revamped homepage.
The Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) named UB’s top-level website the best in the nation, presenting UB with the Gold award in the 2012 Circle of Excellence competition.
As units move through the Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) process and into the UBCMS, University Communications will be highlighting new site launches, upcoming CMS-related events, as well as system fixes, features and enhancements.
UBCMS users may go ahead and upgrade to Firefox 15 if they haven't done so already.
Firefox logo
UBCMS users are advised to either hold off on upgrading to Firefox 15 or use a different browser until a patch is installed.
Over the course of the next several weeks, UBIT will be working to implement a revised hosting infrastructure for the UB Content Management System (UBCMS), which will dramatically improve reliability and performance.
Two new components were recently added to the UB Content Management System.
screen shot of edit component tab
Additional safeguards have been installed in the UBCMS to help reduce or eliminate spam clogging up email inboxes via the use of forms on UB websites.
screen shot of reCAPTCHA component text
The UB Content Management System now features a new component that reduces the amount of spam generated by the use of forms on UB websites.
Screen shot of UB 2020 website home page.
University Communications officially opened the doors to the Digital Communications Transformation in early 2012.
University Communications invites members of the campus community to attend one of UC’s monthly orientation sessions to learn more about the Digital Communications Transformation (DCT).
UBCMS Training Seminar
Would you or a member of your staff like to receive hands-on training on how to use the UB Content Management System (UBCMS)? Here’s your chance.