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Site Administration and Stewardship

Managing who can make changes or publish to your site is important. Find out how Unit Web Leaders or Site Managers can add users, manage their roles, and delete them. Learn about setting up Google Analytics to track your site's performance.


Use Google Analytics to track your site performance.

Sitemaps ensure that Google can locate content on your site that might not otherwise be discovered during indexing.
Proactive link maintenance is an important part of stewardship and helps ensure that visitors will not encounter broken links when they go to your site.
This UBCMS feature will help you keep your website current. Site managers can assign stewardship and a maintenance deadline for pages and quickly assess whether they are being regularly updated.
Learn about roles and permissions in the UBCMS, or submit changes to allow or restrict access to your site. Be sure to remove UBCMS access from individuals when they leave your unit.