Copyright and Privacy Compliance

We expect that all UBCMS websites will be in compliance with UB policies. If you have questions about copyright in regards to your website, contact the CIO's Information Security Office.

If you use images or video in your Web pages, please be sensitive to copyright regulations and only use those that you have produced yourself, were purchased or recorded for UB's express use, or that fall under the public domain. Read more on our Selecting Strong Visuals page, which includes suggested sources of copyright free images.

Also, please be careful not to use music in your videos that violates copyright. This will put you in legal jeopardy, plus YouTube is aggressively policing its videos and suspect videos are routinely blocked. Be sure to follow YouTube's guidelines when uploading new content (more details).


Written consent is required if the images depict patients (in any health care situation), students, or minors.

Permission is not necessary for university employees or for adults who are attending a public event.

However, if the subject specifically requests their image not be used, you must comply.

Regulated Private Data

No sensitive data can be collected or transmitted through UBCMS or Formstack forms or held in any files on a UBCMS website, even in a secure area, without special permission by the CIO's Information Security Office.

Sensitive data includes Regulated Private Data (e.g. Social Security numbers (SSN), credit cards), Personally Identifable Information (e.g. date/place of birth) or Student Education Record Data (anything beyond our online public directory).  

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