Video (YouTube) Component

Embed a YouTube video in a custom player.

This feature works comparably in both the Classic and Flex UI versions of the UBCMS. In the future, screenshots and language will be updated to reflect Flex UI.

On this page:

  • Images require Alt text.
  • Keep the default YouTube settings.
  • Videos must have captions.

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Last reviewed: September 22, 2021

Copyright Concerns

YouTube aggressively removes videos that do not clearly meet copyright restrictions. Suspect videos may vanish without warning. If you produce YouTube videos, be sure to follow their copyright guidelines. > read more about YouTube copyright

As an alternative to YouTube, consider UB's Panopto video recording software.
> embedding Panopto

Videos can be displayed singly, using this component, or as a gallery using the Video Gallery component. They can also be given descriptions. The Video Player settings include options for Auto Play, Full Screen Mode, Including Related Videos, Looping, HD Quality, Video Annotations and Pop-up display.

A YouTube video in the Video Component, set to start at 10 seconds.

Using This Component

This component has only one tab.

This component only works for YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Tab

YouTube Video Link: Identify your video in one of these three ways:

  • The ID that YouTube uses itself to identify a video (e.g. VVNJbqnijc8).
  • The long URL seen when the video is viewed on YouTube's site (not embedded on a Web page). You can remove additional characters from the URL — all you need is the, where VVNJbqnijc8 is the ID for your video.
  • The short URL that YouTube generates for its videos in the Share tool (e.g.

Alt text - Your video is automatically given a thumbnail image with the play button.  

  • Add a description of the thumbnail image for users who may have difficulty seeing it.
    • Alt text is required by New York State policy for images that have a function such as this.
    • Blanks or a carriage return are not in compliance and will be blocked.
    • See for tips on writing alt text.
  • The screen reader will supply "image of". The user will already be provided with the video controls. Consider [image of] "YouTube video entitled abc".

Play in Popup - Not recommended (can be distracting).

Video Player Options - Select any additional features:

  • Auto Play: Not recommended (can be distracting).
  • Allow Full Screen Mode: Recommended.
  • Include Related Videos: Not recommended (undesirable content may be shown).
  • Loop: Not recommended (can be distracting).
  • Video Annotations: Recommended where available.

Start At - Set an optional starting point partway into the video (e.g. "30s", "20m30s", "3h20m30s").

The component opened for editing.

The component opened for editing.

YouTube is cracking down on copyrighted materials and is removing videos and even shutting down channels that use music (or other assets) without clear authorization from the copyright owner.

This is affecting virtually all videos on YouTube. Many UB channels and videos, including the most highly trafficked, are at risk. Channel owners can dispute claims if they believe copyright infringement claims are invalid.

It is important that all UB communicators who use YouTube videos take immediate action and in future act with care to avoid losing their channel or having their videos blocked by copyright owners.

Technical Restrictions

  1. The Video Component will only play a YouTube video.
  2. Entering a YouTube playlist or any other type of streaming video into the component will result in an error message.
  3. Visitor's browsers must have an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player installed to play YouTube videos.
  4. Restrictions placed on YouTube videos apply. For example, if a video is restricted to only play on certain sites, or in certain countries, the visitor may see a picture of the video, but the video will not play.

Accessibility Concerns

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