Fat Footer Components

Use these components to customize the main footer configuration.

Primary Footer Components

  • 10/30/19
    Display contact details, affiliations and additional links and buttons at the bottom of all your pages.

Secondary Footer Components

These provide additional content to the main footer container.
* Components flagged below have the same settings as their core/more component versions.

  • 1/21/16
    Write the main content of a page in Body Text.
  • 1/21/16
    This component allows vertical separation of your page, providing a horizontal line (or 'rule') or a specified height of white space between components.
  • 1/21/16
    Create a wide variety of lists, teasers, or an entire reveal of other pages and shared content that can be set up manually or automated by the UBCMS.
  • 1/21/16
    Place an image on your page with the Photo component.
  • 1/21/16
    Display content from another page within the UBCMS.
  • 5/19/20
    Add customized links to your social media channels in the header or footer.
  • 1/21/16
    Sections of a page can be labeled with these four heading styles.