Fat Footer Components

Use these components to customize the main footer configuration.

New Brand Features

The Fat Footer has significantly changed for the new brand, and has been renamed just Footer.
> read more about the digital brand transition

Primary Footer Components

Secondary Footer Components

These provide additional content to the main footer container.
* Components flagged below have the same settings as their core/more component versions.


Write the main content of a page in Body Text.


This component allows vertical separation of your page, providing a horizontal line (or 'rule') or a specified height of white space between components.


Create a wide variety of lists, teasers, or an entire reveal of other pages and shared content that can be set up manually or automated by the UBCMS.


Place an image on your page with the Photo component.


Display content from another page within the UBCMS.

Add customized links to your social media channels in the header or footer.

Sections of a page can be labeled with these four heading styles.

Fat Footer components are located in the sidekick for footer configuration pages.