Title Component

Label page sections with these headings.

Using This Component

Add the component to the page. There is only one tab.

The component as it first appears on the page.

The component as it first appears on the page.

In general, use Titles hierarchically:

  • Place a single Heading 1 at the top of a page.
  • If desired, break up the content that follows with Heading 2 Titles.
  • If desired, break up the Heading 2 sections with Heading 3 Titles.
  • (Heading 4 Titles are handy in the right sidebar.)

By default, the Title will be a Heading 1 and the text within it will be the same as the page title.

Title - Edit this field to change the text of the heading.

  • This setting is completely independent of the page tite.
  • The field must either be completely blank or have one or more alphanumeric characters.
  • If left blank, it will automatically display the page title set in Page Properties.

Type/Size - Select an option from the Type/Size field to select the desired style (see examples at right).

H5 mimics the Flex Module heading

When the Flex Module or a carousel do not quite meet your needs, the Heading 5 option allows authors to create the look of a module using other components with the combination still matching other modules on the page.

Link - Enter a URL here to turn the title into a clickable hyperlink. Use the magnifying glass to browse for a target page within the UBCMS.

Open in new window - This optional setting forces the clicked link to open in a new browser tab or window.

  • When that is selected, an additional icon will follow the linked text, to alert visitors that they will be taken to a new browser window, or even leave the current website.
  • If the hyperlink goes to a downloadable file, an document icon will instead be shown as well as the file size if the file is on the same server.
  • Read more about link labels.

Exclude from "on this page" lists - This optional setting prevents this title from being included in the On This Page component (see the live example in the right sidebar).

ID - Enter a character string to identify this title as a link anchor so another page can link here.

The Title component opened for editing.
The component opened for editing.

The component opened for editing showing the Type/Size options.

Advanced Use

Accents and other 'smart characters' can be pasted into a Title from Word, or created in the UBCMS using Alt code shortcuts.


Level 4 and 5 headings that are displayed in all-capital letters cannot be made lower case.

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Examples of the title styles for the new brand.

When viewed in the browser tab, search results, or bookmarks, all UBCMS page titles will end with ' - University at Buffalo'.

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