More Components

A collection of components that you might not use everyday, but which provide powerful functionality and a variety of presentation styles for your site.

  • 11/4/19
    Embed an MP3 audio file onto your page that will automatically load into a media player.
  • 6/3/20
    Bring attention to a link with this customizable image.
  • 3/6/18
    Highlight important text on your page, such as time-sensitive deadlines, or procedural tips.
  • 3/12/18
    Divide part or all of a page into columns.
  • 9/3/20
    Display teasers for other pages in an interactive tabular format.
  • 8/20/18
    Divide part or all of a page into columns.
  • 1/21/16
    Add a publication date to your news articles or announcements.
  • 10/15/18
    Build a directory of contact and departmental information.
  • 10/28/15
    Provide access to dynamic list content in a month-year display by date of publication.
  • 10/19/20
    Create rich search interfaces, dynamic landing pages and tag clouds when used in conjunction with other Dynamic List components.
  • 10/28/15
    Provide pagination for a dynamic list.
  • 5/2/17
    Provide searchable access to dynamic list content.
  • 10/28/15
    Display the user's place in the search results; e.g. "Results 11-20 of 20".
  • 10/28/15
    Provide access to dynamic list content through a display of associated tags.  
  • 10/28/15
    Provide access to dynamic list content through a display of all tags associated with this page.
  • 9/6/18
    Display events from the UB Events Calendar on your page.
  • 5/22/19
    Provide a way for visitors to access files like high-resolution images, PDFs or Word documents.
  • 9/3/20
    Display a horizontal list of web pages that displays each page’s title, introductory text and main image.
  • 3/9/18
    Place up to five calls to action next to a photo or slide deck on your home page.
  • 9/1/20
    Create a wide variety of lists, teasers, or an entire reveal of other pages and shared content that can be built manually or automated by the UBCMS.
  • 9/21/16
    Embed an interactive map in your page.
  • 9/3/20
    Build a list of news story teasers.
  • 12/14/16
    Divide part or all of a page into columns.
  • 5/12/20
    Display a group of images as a tiled grid or slideshow.
  • 10/30/19
    Combine a header, image, link and text all in one component.
  • 7/31/19
    Expand your site's search functionality by providing separate searches of specific parts of your site (forms or policies, for example).
  • 1/21/16
    Display content from another page within the UBCMS.
  • 6/8/20
    Create a list of links to all or some of the pages of your website.
  • 8/29/18
    Corral webpages and present them to visitors as slides that are showcased one at a time, on rotation.
  • 9/3/20
    Show a vertical stack of teasers for other pages. When its title is clicked, the corresponding page's heading, description and main image are displayed.
  • 5/1/18
    Present information in columns and rows.
  • 10/25/19
    Display shared content in a compact, multi-tabbed structure.
  • 3/26/19
    Display a YouTube video on your page in a custom player.
  • 9/11/19
    Display a YouTube playlist as a grid of playable videos.