Dynamic List Tag Facet Component

Provide access to dynamic list content through a display of associated tags.  

This is one of a series of Dynamic List components that are designed to work together, centering on the Dynamic List Builder.

This component is optional, while the main Dynamic List Builder is REQUIRED. The other optional elements are listed in Related Components (right sidebar).

Using This Component

Add the component to the page. There is only one tab.

The list will show all tags associated with pages that match a query to dynamic list content. Each tag will be followed by the number of items associated with that tag. Tags can optionally be shown in a 'cloud', with the font size correlating to their frequency of use. Clicking the tag category will return a list of all associated items.  

This component as it is first displayed on the page.

Dynamic List Tab

Title - Provide a descriptive title to be displayed on the published page.

Text - Provide descriptive text as a hint for users (e.g "Explore matches by month.").

List page - Specify the location in the UBCMS of the corresponding dynamic list. If left blank, the default is the current page.

You must configure this component to reference a page with a dynamic list.

Tag roots - Specify where in the UBCMS the relevant tags are to be found. All children of this choice will be used.

e.g. '/etc/tags/audience/' for Target Audience tags ('Alumni,' 'Faculty,' 'Student').
e.g. '/etc/tags/ub-entity/news-center/ub-news-topic' for the News Center's news topics.

Display as - Choose from:

  • List (default) - The standard bulleted list; e.g. '>  topic x (2).'
  • Compact - The standard compact list; e.g. 'topic-x (2), topic-y (7).'
  • Tag cloud - Tags that are associated with more items are shown in larger font sizes. Tags with no value are not shown.

Order by - Choose from:  

  • Most frequently used (default)
  • Alphabetical

Limit - Show a maximum of this number of tags.

Min use - Only display tags that are found on pages at least this many times.

The component opened for editing.


  1. This is one of a series of Dynamic List components that are designed to work together. The others are listed in Related Components (right sidebar).
  2. This component must reference a page with a dynamic list in the List page setting.

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