Directory Entry Component

Build a directory of contact and departmental information.

The component as it is first displayed on the page.

Using This Component

Add the component to the page. There are two tabs: Information and Image.

This component will display the contact and departmental information for one individual. To create a list of personnel, use a series of these components. The component can also be placed in the right sidebar.

Information Tab

Name: Provide the person's full name, in normal order; e.g. 'Jane Doe.' To include their degrees, use standard abbreviations (e.g. PhD) and separate with commas. (This information will be displayed in bold text, and linked if a URL is provided.)

Link: If desired, provide a link to the person's personal website or a profile page elsewhere on your website.

Open links in new window: Select if you wish the above link to open in a new browser tab or window.  

Hide photo: Select to over-ride displaying the associated image.

Title: Provide their formal title(s); e.g.'Resource Manager' or 'Director of Archaeological Survey; Adjunct Professor.' (This information will be displayed in italics.)

Department: Provide their department's formal name, if desired. (Your main unit name is implied by the branding on your website and is probably not needed.)

Address: Provide their personal office location, if desired. A complete mailing address, including zip code, is prefered.

Phone: Please use a consistent standard format, including the area code; e.g. '(716) 645-2345.' Multiple numbers are possible; use a semi-colon to separate them. (This information will be prefixed with Phone: .)

Fax: Please use a consistent standard format, including the area code; e.g. '(716) 645-1234.' (This information will be prefixed with Fax: , and start on the same line as the phone number.)

Email: Provide ONE email address. It will become a 'mailto:' link when published. (This information will be prefixed with Email: .)

Alt text: Add a description of the image for users who may have difficulty seeing it. Do not include 'Picture of'. (Alt text is required by New York State policy for most images. See for tips on writing alt text.)

The component opened for editing showing the Information tab.

Image Tab

Optionally provide a personal portrait.

It's recommended that you include photos for every entry or have none, not a mix of both. If a small number do not include photos, you may wish to include a dummy image or silhouette.

For a consistent, professional appearance, we also recommend all of the portraits have a similar style; e.g. full color, similar lighting, facing forward, neutral background, showing head and shoulders only.  

  • Add an image by dragging one from the Content Finder onto the component.
  • Another way to add an image is to click within the empty Image tab and then upload an image from your computer. (Your image will not be stored in the Digital Assets Manager if you choose this method.)
  • After adding your photo, crop and/or rotate your image by using the buttons that appear toward the bottom of the dialogue box.
  • If you already have an image in the Image tab but want to replace it with a different one, click the Clear button adjacent to the crop/rotate tools.
  • Verify that the image is large enough for the space on the page you are filling; if an image is too small it will be stretched and thus appear pixelated or blurry on the page.
  • While basic image crop and rotation tools are available within the component, for best results use an external image editor such as Adobe Photoshop prior to upload.

The component opened for editing showing the Image tab.


  1. Directory Entry components must be individually created. They can link to a URL (for personal websites) residing within or outside of the UBCMS.
  2. Images should have a maximum file size of 1MB. 
  3. Image formats are limited to JPG, GIF, and PNG. (JPGs are recommended for best results and faster load times.)
  4. If a portrait is included, Alt Text is required by New York State policy.

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