Shared Content Reference Component

Display content from another page within the UBCMS.

The component as it is first displayed on the page.

Using This Component

Add the component to the page. There are two tabs: Shared Content Reference and Advanced.

Shared Content Reference Tab

Reference path: Click the magnifying glass to select the page from which you would like obtain content. Normally this will be shared content, and the path will thus begin /content/shared/...

The component opened for editing showing the Shared Content Reference tab.

Advanced Tab

Use dynamic reference: Check the box to enable dynamic reference. Dynamic references bypass caching, which makes the content you are sharing more up-to-date.

Host page: By default the page that "hosts" the shared content is the same page that the reference component is on, so leave this field blank to use your current page as the the host.

The component opened for editing showing the Advanced tab.

Additional Information

Once you have built the Shared Content Reference component, a publishing status indicator to “Go to source of” links is displayed, similar to indicators in the Websites Admin console. As with the console, a green icon indicates published content, while red indicates it is not yet activated. In the example below, the displayed news story is activated and shows a small green icon.

The component on a page in the author environment, showing the status indicator and 'Go to source' link.

Advanced Use: Pull in Part of Another Page

In the same way you can pull in an entire page of shared content, you can also selectively pull in some of the page's individual components. 

  1. Navigate to the shared content page that interests you; e.g.
  2. Edit the URL in the browser's location bar and remove the final '.html'; e.g.
  3. Now navigate through the path that is revealed: 
    • jcr:content
      • par
  4. You should now see a list of the components on that page, identified by short versions of their names; e.g.
    • title [Title]
    • image [Photo]
    • title_02 [another Title]
    • pubdate [Date Published]
    • assetcolumn [Related Content Container]
    • text [Body Text]
    • hr [Divider]
  5. Identify the component that interests you (e.g. the Body Text 'text') and click that.
  6. Now copy the URL in the location bar.
    • Delete everything before '/content...'
    • Change the '_jcr_content' to 'jcr:content'
      will become just
  7. Use this final version of the path in your Shared Content Reference component. (Try it -- you should see just the text from this news story.)


  • You are able to share content from any page that you can view in Author.

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Once the Shared Content Reference component is built, a publishing status indicator to “Go to source of” links is displayed, similar to indicators in the Websites Admin console.

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