Audio Player Component

Embed an MP3 file in a media player.

This feature works comparably in both the Classic and Flex UI versions of the UBCMS. In the future, screenshots and language will be updated to reflect Flex UI.

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  • Transcripts are Required for Audio File.

> Read more.

RWD Issues

This component may not function ideally on small-screen devices.
> More about RWD

Last reviewed: September 21, 2021

Using This Component

The Audio component in its initial default state.

This component has only one tab.

Track Title: Enter the title of the track (optional).

Upload mp3 file: Add your sound file by either dragging and dropping from the Content Finder, or by clicking inside the box and browsing your computer for the file and selecting it for upload.

When uploading a file in Internet Explorer, the player may give you an error message “MIME type unknown.” Refresh the page to verify the file was properly uploaded.

Audio component opened for editing showing its single tab.

Audio component opened for editing showing its single tab.

Accessibility Concerns


  1. The player will only play MP3 files.
  2. To be accessible, a transcript is required.
  3. This component may have compatibility issues for small-screen devices. > More about RWD

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