Video Gallery (YouTube) Component

Display a YouTube playlist as a small grid of playable videos.

Accessibility Concerns

State and federal rules require all videos to be ADA compliant, with meaningful captions.  > read more on accessible videos

Copyright Concerns

YouTube aggressively removes videos that do not clearly meet copyright restrictions. Suspect videos may vanish without warning. If you produce YouTube videos, be sure to follow their copyright guidelines. > read more about YouTube copyright

Videos can be displayed as a gallery using this component, or singly, using the Video Component. The Video Gallery Component will display a previously created YouTube video playlist. The Video Gallery Component does not allow you to create your own YouTube playlist. A playlist must be created in YouTube and imported into the gallery.

Be careful of copyright -- YouTube aggressively removes videos that do not clearly meet copyright restrictions.

Using This Component

The component as it is first displayed on the page.

Create or find an appropriate playlist on YouTube.

Copy the playlist's ID (16 letters and numbers, such as A2D72B463B04A430) or a YouTube generated URL that contains the playlist ID and paste it into the component box.

The component opened for editing.


  1. The Video Gallery Component will only display a YouTube playlist. Entering the ID or URL of a YouTube video, instead of a playlist, will result in a blank component.
  2. Visitor's browsers must have an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player installed to play YouTube videos.
  3. Restrictions placed on YouTube videos apply. For example, if a video is restricted to only play on certain sites, or in certain countries, the visitor may see a picture of the video, but the video will not play.

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Skillful use of visual elements such as photography and video will lift your content to an entirely new and engaging level, one that words can’t achieve alone.

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