Header Components

Customize your main title and affiliations, or provide additional navigation.

Primary Header Components

  • 4/24/18
    Build your site's primary header with its formal title, a homepage link, and optional set of audience page links that will carry throughout your site.

Secondary Header Components

These provide additional content to the main header components.
* Components flagged below have the same settings as their core/more component versions. 

  • 3/6/18
    This additional navigation displays the path through your site to the current page, allowing users to click back to parent pages.
  • 3/22/17
    Bring more attention to a link by controlling the width, color, shape and wording of the button.
  • 3/16/20
    Automatically display the red 'UB Alert' banner on your site during a campus emergency.
  • 3/16/20
    Automatically display a yellow Issues Communications banner in your site header to communicate ongoing, university-wide concerns (e.g. COVID-19).
  • 10/30/19
    Defines your main navigation for small-screen devices.
  • 3/24/17
    Add customized links to your social media channels in the header or footer.
  • 9/3/20
    Your top-level navigation bar houses global links to your site's secondary pages.