Issues Advisory Banner

Automatically display a yellow Issues Communications banner in your site header to communicate ongoing, university-wide concerns (e.g. COVID-19).

Issues Advisory Banner in use.

Issues Advisory Banner in use on a large screen device.

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Using This Feature

Unlike most UBCMS components, the Issues Advisory Banner relies on shared content displayed using a Shared Content Reference. Two steps are required:

  1. Add a Shared Content Reference component to the site's header page in the Site-Wide Configuration folder (detailed below).
  2. Adjust your homepage's Page Properties to set a cache flush trigger (detailed below).

Remember to set a 'Flush Trigger' for your homepage (details below) and re-activate your header and home pages.

1. Configure the Shared Content Reference

Place this component in your site's Header page, which is located in your Site-Wide Configuration folder. We encourage you to place it immediately under the main header component, and below the Emergency Alert Banner (if you have one).

Reference path: Set the reference path to:

The component opened for editing showing the Shared Content Reference tab.

The component opened for editing showing the Shared Content Reference tab.

2. Set a Flush Trigger on your homepage

To ensure that the banner will display on your site and stays up to date, you must set a Flush Trigger on your site's homepage.

In Page Properties, in the Advanced tab, under Server Caching, add a new Flush Trigger with this path and then re-activate that page: /content/shared/www/emergency

  • Top Level Sites (/content/site)
    • e.g.
    • Adjust Page Properties for the site’s home-page-dispatcher-trigger page
      • /content/site/home-page-dispatcher-trigger.html
      • e.g. /content/nursing/home-page-dispatcher-trigger.html
    • This page is NOT displayed in the admin console or File Tree. You will have to load it manually into your browser.
    • Flush triggers added to your actual home page’s Page Properties are ignored.
      • e.g.
  • Second Level Sites (/content/*/site)
    • e.g.
    • e.g.
    • Adjust Page Properties for the site’s home page
      • e.g.

Unless there is a university-wide need to communicate information, the banner will NOT be visible on your home or header pages, even in the Author environment. When the banner is operational, you should see it in Author on your header and Web pages, and on your live site.

Remember to re-activate your homepage!

Add a flush trigger to your home page's Page Properties.


  1. Place the component directly under the main header component and under the Emergency Alert Banner if you have one and re-activate the header.
  2. Be sure to adjust your main home page's Page Properties with a 'flush trigger' as noted above and re-activate the page.

Placing the Banner on Non-UBCMS Sites

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March 16, 2020

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