Breadcrumbs Component

This additional navigation displays the path through your site to the current page, allowing users to click back to parent pages.

Using This Component

Add the component to the page. There is only one tab.

This component as it first appears on the page. Generally it is placed immediately below the main header navigation.

Generally this is placed near the top of your home page or on a major secondary page, directly beneath the main header navigation, but can also be placed at the top of your footer.

Starting level: Optionally specify a number to define the start of the breadcrumb path within the UBCMS. We recommend you leave this blank unless you are introducing this component on a page lower than your home page.

  • 1 would be a top level domain ( or
  • 2 would be the next folder down ( for the Web Management site), etc.

This component opened for editing.


  • Generally placed near the top of your pages, directly beneath the main navigation but can also be placed at the very top of the footer.

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