Core Components

The majority of page content is made from core components.

  • 4/24/17
    Compose the main content of a page in this component.
  • 6/12/19
    Prompt visitors to click a link to act or learn more.
  • 3/7/18
    Place italicized text under another component, such as an image.
  • 4/20/17
    Divide part or all of a page into columns.
  • 10/19/18
    This component allows vertical separation of your page, providing a horizontal line (or 'rule') or a specified height of white space between components.
  • 3/26/19
    Draw a reader's attention to page content with larger font than the standard Body Text.
  • 11/25/20
    Display an image on your page.
  • 12/17/19
    Label page sections with these headings.