Be Sure to Select No jQuery Before Embedding Formstack Forms [Classic/Flex UI]

Before embedding a Formstack form on your UBCMS page in an HTML Snippet, be sure to check 'don't need jQuery'.

Revised March 15, 2016

The Issue

When a Formstack form is embedded in a UBCMS page in an HTML Snippet, the code provided by Formstack can break your page, making it impossible to edit the HTML Snippet component, or to use the Sidekick Components.


There is no direct workaround. You must rebuild your UBCMS page, and then check the NojQuery option before getting the ccode on the Formstack site to embed on your rebuiolt page.

In Formstack, at the screen where you get the embed code, there is a checkbox to select 'I don't need jQuery.' That option must be checked before the corresponding code is copied and pasted into your UBCMS page.

Location of the 'no jQuery' setting in Formstack.

In Formstack, select 'I don't need jQuery' before copying the embed code.

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